Congratulations Chris and Tessa!

What an awesome day at the Gym…. we don’t know where to start!  Lets start with our visitors.  Jeff Reynolds, the Premier Tournament Organizer for Pokemon events in North and South Carolina, and his son, Mike, came to visit the Gym.  And they bore gifts!  All in attendance got 2 special promo cards and a Black and White poster.  Jeff will be hosting the Battle Roads tournament in Roanoke at the Cosmic Castle on June 12th, 2011.  Many thanks to Jeff and Mike for stopping by!

Now on to the gym challenges.  The Fincastle Gym leaders took on 4 challenges today and 2 badges were earned.  Tessa, who began a challenge with Gym Leader Marthe last week, finished her challenge first.  She and Marthe split the 2 games played last week.  The third and deciding match went to Tessa (and rather quickly at that), as she earned the psychic badge.  Great job, Tessa!

Chris L. faced off with Gym Leader Austin in a challenge for the fire badge.  Unfortunately, as I was engaged in my own gym battle, I do not have the details of how the match unfolded.  I do know that the games were long and appeared to be a back and forth contest.  In the end, Chris won the fire badge.  For both Chris and Tessa, today’s wins earned them each their 2nd badge at the Gym.  Both trainers are vastly improved players and all the Gym Leaders know that they will have their hands full the next time either player earns a challenge.

Gym Leaders Austin and Joel successfully defended 2 other challenges for the fire and steel type badges.  Counting several successful defenses over the last few weeks, that brings the overall Gym Leader record to 79-12.  Don’t forget that whoever attempts the 100th challenge at the Gym, win or lose, will receive a special prize.  This will be the last time we post the total, so it will be a surprise for the player that does the challenge.  Great job, again to Chris and Tessa!

Don’t forget, next week there is no Sunday meeting.  We have the Roanoke tournament on Saturday and Sunday the Gym Leaders will all be traveling to Charlottesville for our first Battle Roads of the spring.  Check back each day this week for a “Tip of the Day” leading up to the Saturday tournament.  See you at the Cosmic Castle!

-Austin W – Steel, Grass

-Tyler D – Electric, Steel, Grass

-Chris L – Electric, Fire

-James H – Psychic, Steel

-Tessa Y – Fire, Psychic

-Angela Y – Electric


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