Tip of the Day #5 – Stick to Your Strategy

This is the 5th and final tip before the tournament on Saturday 5/21/11 at the Cosmic Castle in Roanoke.  While seemingly simple, this post hopefully ties together the previous 4 posts and will hopefully help you play your best.

Once you have the strategy of your deck in order, the only thing left to do is play.  However, an unfortunate part of the game is that even the best deck can start poorly.  When that happens, all you can do is keep playing.  Sometimes you may face off against someone who has a very fast start and overwhelms you.  If you can withstand it and just stay in the game, keep working towards the strategy of your deck.  A great start by someone may use a lot of their deck up early, leaving them vulnerable in a game that goes long.  If you keep trying to set up and eventually do, even if you lose 2 or 3 prize cards early, you may be able to come back.  A win of any type is good, but a come from behind win is very satisfying.

Know every card in your deck…. what it does and even how many copies of each are in the deck.  The first chance you have to search your deck, whether it is for an Energy, Trainer or Pokemon, look through your deck to see what is there and what is in your prize cards.  Knowing your deck will help you get the most out of it, no matter what the circumstances.  Remember, you can’t win every game you play.  Learn from your losses and try to think about any misplays you made in previous matches.  Good luck and have fun!  See you at the Cosmic Castle on Saturday!

Prizes for Saturday:

1st Place in each age group – Black & White Reshiram Collector Tin (includes Reshiram card + 4 B&W booster packs)

2nd Place in each age group – 4 booster packs

3rd Place in each age group – 3 booster packs

*There also will be multiple door prizes available to all those who attend.


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