Tournament Results for Cosmic Castle and C’ville Battle Roads

This weekend was a very exciting and busy weekend with Roanoke’s first sanctioned Pokemon tournament on Saturday and a Battle Roads Tournament in Charlottesville on Sunday.

Pokemon at the Cosmic Castle:

Saturday’s event had 20 participants, enough to for 3 rounds of swiss in each age group, with top cuts of 2 in both the Junior and Master Divisions.

Juniors:  Tessa Y. battled her way through the swiss rounds and stood as the only undefeated player at 3-0.  That led her to a rematch in the best 2 of 3 top cut match with C’ville’s Chloe N.  The 2 trainers traded knockouts as they split the opening games of the title match and went to the decisive bout.  Chloe took the final game and the match.  Tyler D. and Ethan J. both finished the day 2-1.  Computer rankings broke the tie and placed Tyler in 3rd place.  Chloe and Tessa definitely proved that girl-power is alive and well (somehow we got the feeling that if the 2 battled each other 20 times, they would tie at 10 wins a piece).

1st- Chloe N.

2nd- Tessa Y.

3rd- Tyler D.

Seniors:  Seniors played 3 rounds with no top cut.  This division came down to the 3rd round match-up between undefeated  Austin W. and Caleb Y.  Austin showed why he is the Fincastle Gym’s fire-type leader.  He took on his weakness and emerged victorious in a match that was down to 1 prize card each.  Kayleigh W. took 3rd place in what turned out to be a very competitive Senior Division (even undefeated Austin admitted that he was caught off-guard by Kayleigh’s very clever deck).

1st- Austin W.

2nd- Caleb Y.

3rd- Kayleigh W.

Masters:  Unfortunately we could not sit in on every match in the Masters, because the 3 rounds of swiss were full of some very competitive games that came down to the wire.  The top cut paired Eric G. and Tito L..  Eric took Tito to the “Lost World” and took the division.  Angela Y. and James H. both finished the day at 2-1, both losing very close matches.  Computer rankings placed Angela in 3rd place.  We can only imagine what the Roanoke Battle Roads on 6/12 will bring given the level of play at this event.

1st- Eric G.

2nd- Tito L.

3rd- Angela Y.

Charlottesville Spring Battle Roads:

This premier event had over 30 competitors.  Juniors played 3 rounds with a top cut of 2 while the Masters played 4 rounds with a top cut of 4.  Gym Leaders Marthe, Joel and Logan all entered the fray.

Juniors:  Logan’s deck of choice proved to be a poor one as he opened with Virginia State finalist Fabrizio L..  His deck set up is an auto-loss for what Logan chose to play.  After dropping the 1st match, Logan won the next 2 to finish at 2-1.  Computer rankings placed Logan 3rd for the day and out of top cut behind none other than Chloe N.  Chloe lost in the final but still had a great weekend overall.

Masters:  Gym Leader Joel opened with 3 straight wins (including an unfortunate match-up with Gym Leader Marthe) and then lost in the 4th round to eventual the eventual champ (Rodel ?).  The 3-1 record placed Joel in 2nd place (and the 2nd seed) going into the top cut of 4.  In the best 2 of 3 semi-final, Joel battled his weakness in a close, back-and-forth match.  Joel lost game 1 with only 1 prize card left and the 2nd match followed suit.  Joel’s rogue deck could not pull off the 6th knockout in either of the very entertaining games (if you knock out 4 Yanmega Primes and 1 Machamp Prime in one game, shouldn’t you win by default?).  Like fellow Gym Leader Logan, Joel finished in 3rd place for the day.  Gym Leader Marthe, had she not had to pair up with Joel, would’ve likely been in the top cut.  Her only other loss was to the same deck that took out Joel in the top cut.  She finished the day at 2-2 and in 8th place.

We’ll pick back up next weekend (5/29) with league at our regular time.  We also should have the new Starter Cycle promo items by then.  See you at the Gym!


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