Snivy Season Materials Finally Arrive!

The promo items for the 1st of the 3 League Starter Cycle seasons are finally in.  This season, the Snivy Season, offers a special printing of Snivy and the Broken Time Space stadium card.  The season patches and cards also include Snivy.  The stadium, while only in the current format for a little while longer, is one of the most sought after cards for anyone running a Stage 2 focused deck.  Come by and check out the new stuff.

We will have league play as usual for the next 2 weekends (5/29 and 6/5).  The weekend of 6/12/11, there will be no league play as we will host Roanoke’s first ever Battle Roads at the Cosmic Castle.  More details to come next week about the Premier Event.  For the next 2 weekends, as we did leading up to the last tournament, we will have our computer available for deck lists and the Gym Leaders will also be available to help you work on your deck.  If you’ve earned a Gym Leader challenge, make sure you sign up and give us your best shot.  See you at the Gym!


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