Roanoke Battle Roads on 6/12/11

Roanoke will host its first ever Battle Roads tournament on Sunday 6/12/11 at the Cosmic Castle Event Center in Towers Shopping Mall.  The tournament is part of the Spring Battle Roads series, the last in the cycle of premier events before the National Championships this summer in Indianapolis.  Premier events offer rewards from Play!Pokemon and are the only events where players earn ratings points.  Points determine rankings at the state, national, and world levels and eventually determine invitations to the World Championships.

Registration will take place from noon – 1:00pm and the tournament is slated to start at 1:30pm.  The number of rounds depends on attendance and top cut will be a maximum of 4 in each age group.  Entry for the tournament is FREE.

1st place in each age group will win 4 booster packs of Black & White and a Victory Medal card.  The Victory Medal can only be won at the these events and is legal for play (or great for display).  2nd place gets 4 packs, while 3rd and 4th place get 2 packs each.  There are also Theme Decks available as door prizes and the surprise box.

Battle Roads Victory Medal

Battle Roads Victory Medal

The Fincastle Gym Leaders also have a special treat for any members of the Gym  who attend.  All Gym trainers in attendance will earn an “auto-fill” for your league cards.  At the next meeting you attend after the event, you will receive the equivalent of a full league card.  That means 4 promo cards of choice, 1 season patch of choice and a Gym Leader sign-up (if you don’t already have one).  These rewards will be in addition to what you earn this season.

A great showing by our trainers will increase the chances of future events coming to Roanoke.  We hope anyone who can come will attend.  As before, we will offer rides from the Fincastle Library on Sunday.  This Sunday at the Gym we will have the computer available again for deck lists.  Use this Sunday as a chance to refine your deck a little and prepare for Battle Roads.  This Sunday is also the last Sunday of the Snivy season, so all games played will earn double marks on your score card…. so play lots of games!

See you at the Gym!


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