Results for Winston Salem and Roanoke Battle Roads

This weekend was the last weekend of the Spring Battle Roads series and, as it turned out from an announcement made this past week from Play!Pokemon, the last weekend to play in the Majestic Dawn & Newer format at a Premier event.  Play!Pokemon announced a mid-season rotation in card sets to HGSS and newer (details to come in a post this week).  Many of the Fincastle Pokemon Gym members competed in Winston Salem and Roanoke Battle Roads and had great results.

Winston Salem:

Juniors played 4 rounds with a top cut of 2.  The top 4 places won prizes.  The Junior Division fielded a group of very skilled young players, including Gym Leader Logan (Virginia’s #1 junior), Tracy R. (North Carolina’s #2 junior) and Tessa Y. (finalist in Pokemon at the Cosmic Castle tournament).  Unfortunately, Tessa and Tracy faced off in the opening round.  Tracy won the opening game and in round 2 went on to defeat Logan.  Tessa and Logan finished the swiss rounds both at 3-1.  Computer rankings placed Logan over Tessa for the rematch with undefeated Tracy.  In the best 2 of 3 top cut match, Tracy proved to be too much for Logan as she won in straight games.  Tracy earned the Victory Medal card and successfully protected her home turf.

Seniors played 3 rounds with no top cut.  The Senior division saw Caleb Y. bring one of the most inventive decks of the day into the mix.  Not only was it inventive, but also proved to be very successful.  Caleb won his opening 2 rounds and faced off with the only other undefeated Senior, Logan C. (one of NC’s, not the Gym Leader).  Caleb lost the deciding match to the deck that has caused the early rotation, “Sable Donk”.  Caleb still finished in 2nd place and took home 4 packs.

Angela Y. had a good showing in the Master division, finishing in 6th place with a record of 2-2.  Gym Leader Joel tried testing a HGSS format deck out in a field full of the current format decks.  This proved to be a poor decision.  The organizers agree with what Joel found out…. the HGSS format can not touch the current format.  Joel went 1-3 (and was probably lucky to get the 1 win).


As in Winston, Juniors played 4 rounds with a top cut of 2.  The large field of Fincastle Trainers was visited by Saturday’s champ (and still North Carolina’s #2 junior) Tracy R.  As Tracy “held serve” in Winston on Saturday, so did the Virginia kids in Roanoke on Sunday.  The opening 4 rounds saw both Tyler D. and Georgia H. hand Tracy a pair of losses, while Gym Leader Logan accounted for Georgia’s and Tyler’s only losses .  Logan finished 4-0, while Tessa Y., Tyler and Georgia all finished 3-1.  Because of Tyler’s win over Tessa in round 3, Tyler entered top cut for a rematch with Logan.  Logan won in straight (but very close) games to win the event.  Tyler finished 2nd, Georgia 3rd and Tessa 4th.

In the Senior Division, Gym Leader Austin and fellow trainer Brycen F. had an interesting day as they had to join the Master Division (due to the lack of Seniors in attendance).  Austin won the head to head match against Brycen, so he took home the Victory Medal and both won 4 packs.  Austin also gave the eventual Masters champ an extremely tough battle.

Masters played 3 rounds with no top cut.  Angela Y., after a tough battle with Chris L., stood 2-0 as did Gym Leader Joel.  They faced off in a match of decks that are both capable of dealing out huge damage.  The Gym Leader’s deck, however, was able to “reload” a little quicker than Angela’s.  Joel took the game and finished the day 3-0.  Angela (2-1) won 2nd place and Chris (2-1) won 3rd.

Today finished a busy weekend of battling and was the last Premier event before Nationals.  Fincastle Gym members have made huge improvements over the last several months.  The level of play at recent events by all of our members is so far beyond where it was 6 months ago, it is hard to put into words.  While the Gym boasts Virginia’s #1 junior, it is also developing a group of players that are definitely formidable opponents for anyone who faces them.  Even though they are competitors in these events, this amazing group of players from both Virginia and North Carolina will hopefully come together and show the country what they can do at Nationals.  It should be very exciting to see.  Congratulations to everyone!

See you at the Gym next Sunday!


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