Tepig Season Begins This Sunday

The 2nd of the pokemon Starter Cycle seasons begins this Sunday at the Fincastle Pokemon Gym.  This season is the Tepig season, which includes Tepig (BW #15) and the supporter card Copycat for the season promos and a Tepig patch.  The season runs June 13 – July 18.  All those who entered last week’s Battle Roads earned an automatic season card fill, which they may use for this seasons materials or any of the previous seasons’ items (cards and patches) that we still have (and that you don’t have yet).

Other notes for this season:

– July 3rd is a DS day, league credit for each game played.

– July 8-10th National Championships in Indianapolis, IN (no league on 7/10).

– July 17th is the last Sunday of the season, double marks for all games played.

– July 24 – League tournament at the Gym – prizes…lots of prizes (date tentative, details to come).

Keep signing up for Gym Leader Challenges.  We are getting closer to the 100th challenge ever at the Gym.  Whoever attempts the challenge, win or lose, gets a special treat.  The Gym leaders have several “for fun” decks as well, so if you need someone to play, come find one of us.  We will also be glad to look at your cards and help you figure out the rotation and how it affects your collections.  See you at the Gym!


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