100th Gym Challenge Complete!

We reached a new milestone today at the Fincastle Pokemon Gym as the 100th challenge was attempted.  There were 2 challenges attempted today, one that earned a trainer his first gym badge and one that set the mark.

In the 99th challenge, Dustin F. took on the Psychic Gym Leader, Marthe.  This best 2 0f 3 challenge was a rather lengthy back and forth battle.  Dustin took the 1st game in a close battle.  The Gym Leader responded with a victory in game 2 to even the match.  However, it was Dustin’s day as Marthe started game 3 with a lone Jirachi, which Dustin knocked out quickly before she could set up any further.  The win netted Dustin his first gym badge as he joins a handful of the Gym’s top trainers who have done the same.  Congratulations Dustin!

The 100th challenge was attempted by Chris L., who opted not to play for type advantage.  He went for “fighting vs fighting” as he challenged Gym Leader Joel for the fighting type badge.  The Gym Leader’s deck has been refined over the last 2 years, from last year’s Nationals to multiple Battle Roads and City Championships, so it is no easy task to take down.  Chris took prize card leads in both games, but the momentum that the Gym Leader deck builds was too much and Joel won in straight games.  However, dispite losing the match, Chris walked away with the 100th challenge prize.  Chris won a Heargold Soulsilver binder which included a copy of every league promo the Gym has had to date.  The prize should make a nice addition to Chris’s collection.  Way to go Chris!

Here is the breakdown on the Gym Leaders.  Over 100 matches, the Gym Leaders hold a record of 87-13… not too shabby considering most games are against our decks’ weakness.  As a side note, the Fire gym badge was originally defended by Joel, then Logan filled in also before Austin earned the position.  The Darkness badge was also Joel’s to defend before Logan took over.  The record includes all defenses.  By type, the leaders stand as follows:

Psychic (18-3), Electric (10-3), Fire (9-2), Steel (5-3), Grass (16-2), Water (9-0), Fighting (12-0) and Darkness (8-0).

Badges Earned to Date:

-Austin W – Steel, Grass

-Tyler D – Electric, Steel, Grass

-Chris L – Electric, Fire

-James H – Psychic, Steel

-Tessa Y – Fire, Psychic

-Angela Y – Electric

-Dustin  F – Psychic


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