July is “Force Your Parents to Play” Month!

Beginning on July 3rd (first meeting in July), the Fincastle Pokemon Gym will begin its campaign to get more parents (masters, by age group) to join in the fun during league play.  For the month of July, if you bring a parent to PLAY, you may earn a booster pack of Black & White.  You may earn only one pack for each parent that comes to play, but they are welcome to keep coming to play as often as they like.  By “parent”, we are including grandparents/guardians/semi-responsible adults that bring you to league.  If you are a younger Master and do not have the “parent” option available, ask the Gym Leaders what we will accept.  Our goal is to get more Masters involved.  So if you can help do that, then you will probably qualify.  

It, for the most part, is up to you, the trainer, to help build your parent a deck and teach them to play at home (don’t build them a weak deck and then just beat up on them either).  We suggest, when teaching someone to play, playing a starter deck against another starter deck.  That keeps the game simple and fair, and thus easier to teach.  You can show off your best deck to them later.  The Gym Leaders will be available to teach at league as well.  We have a few starter decks to loan also if someone needs one.  Once they get the hang of it, we can show them more about how different cards work together to make a strong deck. 

We found out quickly back when Logan started playing that Pokemon is a great way to spend time with your kids and see how amazing and creative they can be.  If your kid(s) has attended any tournaments, entering the tournament along with them (even if you don’t do that well) definitely beats sitting on the side and waiting for them to finish.  Playing a game or two at home is a much better way to pass the time that staring at the old TV.

Start working on your parent now so they will finally give in before July is over.  If you have trouble explaining the game, don’t forget about the instruction books in starter decks or about the TCG online on pokemon.com.  It walks a new player through a game step-by-step.  Any questions, email us.  See you at the Gym!


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