The Book of Decks

With the TCG National Championships fast approaching, the Fincastle Gym Leaders are rounding out their second year of competitive play.  Two years of playing some of the best players in the country have opened our eyes to new strategies and have made us think of many “rogue” decks to counter popular trends in the game.  However, the recent mid-season rotation caught us off guard to some extent and took away many cards that had some great potential.  Gym Leader Joel had compiled a folder of many deck ideas that we never built or played.  With the rotation, the Gym Leader lost the opportunity to build many of these and try them out in organized tournaments and see how well they would have fared.  So, why hoard good ideas (especially now that we know not to try to predict what  Play!Pokemon  will do from year to year)?

The Fincastle Gym Leaders have started to combine their creative minds for the current format (HGSS on) and plan to share what they come up with all those who play at the Gym.  We have printed out a variety of deck lists that will be available every Sunday during league.  The lists, so far, are a mix of a few very popular decks (which of course makes them more expensive to build) and several “rogue” ideas, most of which any trainer should be able to make.  We have a couple of lists already that are modified starter decks that should be very competitive.  There are also a few “Gym Leader Joel specialties” that, once you wrap your mind around the strategy, you will hopefully surprise those you play (and maybe even yourself).  The amount of lists will increase with time and new sets coming later this year.

Here’s how the book works.  The opening few pages contain pictures of what we feel are some of the best “starter” pokemon in the new format.  Many of these are interchangeable on some of the lists, while some are decklist-specific.  Starter pokemon are noted on each list with a star.  If you don’t have the one on the deck list, check out the other starters and plug whichever ones you have into the list.  Each decklist is printed in color and has several black and white copies behind it in the page protector.  Anyone is welcome to take a copy of any list.  However, we ask that you look at your collection and only take a list that you have the cards to make (or are going to try to obtain).  The lists will always be available at league, we are simply trying to conserve a little printer ink.

Remember this when you look at the list…. each list is not the only way to build that deck.  The list is there to get you thinking.  Take a copy and build it with what you have (i.e., if you don’t have 3 Pokemon Collectors, then substitute Dual Ball).  If you need help, find a Gym Leader and we will help you build the deck with your cards.  Test the idea at home and at league with proxies of the more expensive cards, then trade or purchase the cards when you find a deck you like.  The only thing that would make the Gym Leaders happier than Logan winning States and Regionals would be for our trainers to sweep an event like that.  Check out the book, help us test ideas out and you never know, we may stumble onto something amazing.  See you at the Gym!


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