Fincastle Gym Tournament on July 31, 2011

The Fincastle Pokemon Gym will host a Sanctioned* tournament at the Fincastle Library on July 31, 2011.  Admission to the tournament is free.  We will begin registration at 230pm and try to close it shortly after 3pm.  As we’ve explained in an earlier post, we are not officially observing the rotation until September 1st.  Therefore, the format for the tournament is Majestic Dawn and newer, which gives everyone one more chance to play their favorite decks in a tournament. 

Deck lists are required for entry.  We suggest filling them out beforehand, but we will have blank deck sheets available.  Bring your player ID (we have it on hand if you attend league).  If you don’t have one, we will give you one when you arrive.  The number of swiss rounds depends on attendance and there will be no top cut.  We have stockpiled a pretty good collection of prize material.  We do not know exactly what the prize breakdown will be yet, but there will be pokemon binders, play mats, deck boxes, posters, booster packs and many others.

Any questions, email us at  If you need help with a deck, see the Gym Leaders during league play.  We will be in Indianapolis this week, but Angela and her family will open the library for regular league play on Sunday,  July 10th.  We will be back the Sunday after.  Everyone have fun, cheer Gym Leader Logan on in his quest to get to Worlds and we will see everyone in two weeks!


*Sanctioned tournaments do not provide Premier points but do add points to your player rewards. Player rewards are “cashed in” every quarter and if you have registered online, you will receive special printings/releases of cards in the mail for free from Pokemon International.


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