Pokemon Nationals Trip – Post #3 – Day 1

Day 1 at Pokemon Nationals was a busy one.  Gym Leader Logan got an early start on open league play – he was fourth in line, as he found some fun games while waiting out his first two round “Byes”.  After lunch, he jumped right into tournament play with a tough battle against a Donphan Machamp deck.  Logan was down 3 prizes but battled back at the end, only to be taken out by a Pokemon Reversal that came up heads.  His opponent targeted a benched basic Pokemon and took the last prize. 

Round 4 for Logan was a mirror match (someone playing a similar deck – same main attacking Pokemon).  This round, however, Logan had the advantage and knocked out four Pokemon to clear his opponent’s bench.  Day 1 record: 3-1

Georgia, also competing in the Junior division, played through 4 matches, losing twice to grass decks, but coming out on top against an Evee-based deck, and “donking” a Feraligatr in the 4th round.  Day 1 record: 2-2

Gym Leader Joel played 6 rounds with Masters on Day 1, taking all but 1 of those matches to the end of regulation time and “+3 turns”.  Round 1 was a long “mirror match” with Joel coming out victorious.  Rounds 2 and 3, Joel faced combinations of Yanmega Prime and Knigdra Prime, finishing with 1 win and 1 loss.  He went on to win Round 4, but had tough losses in Rounds 5 and 6, including his only “donk” of the day, losing in turn 2 of the final round.  Day 1 record: 3-3

Gym Leader Marthe got off to a rough start in the day, dropping the first three matches.  If energy or Pokemon had come up when they were needed, the results might have flipped, but that’s the way the game goes some days.  After an automatic win on Round 4 (the opposing player did not show up), Marthe won against a mirror deck after the opponent made a critical misplay.  The final round of the day was against a Reshiram fire deck and energy just never made it into Marthe’s hand.  Day 1 record: 2-4

The Gym Leaders are poised and ready to take one more tough opponents today.  Day 2 begins now.

Day 1 - Fincastle Gym Champions take on Zekrom


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