Pokemon Nationals Trip – Post #5 – Day 3 and Photos

Day 3, the final day, wrapped up a very busy weekend for the Fincastle Gym Leaders.  Logan, Joel and Georgia were off to play in open league play all day to try to rack up as much free promo material as possible to bring back to the Gym.  And they did just that, winning over 20 more booster packs, as well as some other cool stuff.  Hopefully, this coming weekend (or the next, depending on how slow we are to unpack this week), most or all of the prizes for our tournament on 7/31 will be on display at the Gym.  While our weekend slowed to a halt, Gym Leader Marthe’s weekend picked up steam.

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After a disappointing 2-4 record on Day 1, Day 2 began a streak that was much more satisfying.  Marthe’s 2nd day matches included an opening round “donk” victory, a loss to a healing Donphan deck (an auto-loss for almost any electric deck) and a solid win to wrap up her tournament.  Like her fellow Gym Leader/spouse/compatriot, Marthe finished with a record of 4-5.  Her late round successes carried over to the Day 3 Professor Cup.

The Professor Cup began at 9 AM with a field of 110 Pokemon Professors.  Competing in the field were those qualified as judges, league leaders and tournament organizers who earned 75 Professor Points through the year – through judging events, reporting a League, etc.  The “judges” for the Cup are Juniors and Seniors interested in becoming judges – a great way to foster the next generation of players and leaders in the game.

The Professor Cup also adds a unique twist to the game, adding in 1 or 2 special “rules” just for the Cup.  This year each deck could contain pokemon of only 1 type – all water, all grass, all fire, etc.  The “I choose you!” rule allowed players to pick their starting pokemon right away – and then draw 6 cards and finish their set up.

The field of Professors played 7 rounds with a top cut of 16.  Each match played netted the winner 2 booster packs and the loser 1 pack.  The final 4 players would each win a Kindle (the computer-book thingy), so the stakes were plenty high.  Marthe started 0-2, but did not let the disappointing early rounds keep her down.  Marthe battled back over the rest of the morning to win an impressive 4 straight matches.  As things were shaping up, it looked like it would take one more victory to make the top 16 (she was tied for 21st).

Marthe faced off against a dark deck – who chose to start with Absol Prime, placing 2 damage counters on every basic pokemon played from her hand.  After losing the first 4 prize cards, Marthe fought back, taking the next 3.  But there was just too much ground to make up and not enough time. Her opponent had the prize card advantage with only 1 left after time was called.  She wrapped up the Cup with a 4-3, very nice for a first time effort in an exclusive field of those who must truly master all aspects of the game to even qualify.

A very fun and exciting weekend overall.  As always we met some awesome folks.  The Gym is now officially supplied for a while.  We will update Logan’s final fate once we see and confirm the final rankings.  Stay tuned……


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