Gym Leader Logan Is Going To Worlds!

The Fincastle Gym Leaders have been waiting patiently (and anxiously) since their return from the Pokemon National Championships to learn what Logan’s fate would be regarding an invitation to the TCG World Championships in San Diego.  On Tuesday, July 19th, Play!Pokemon released a statement declaring that all ratings were final for this year and that invitations would be going out based on those ratings.  Since the conclusion of Nationals, we have watched the ratings board fluctuate as the U.S., Canadian and Mexican/Latin American Nationals results were processed.  Gym Leader Logan’s place on the board moved back and forth several times during the last week.  With everything finalized, Logan stands in the 29th position in North America.  The top 40 in North America in each age division receive invitations.  In addition to that 40, the field will be joined by 50 from Europe, 10 from Asia/Pacific Zone, and 5 from Latin America.  Finalists from the various National events also received automatic bids.  The Friday of the World Championship weekend, Play!Pokemon hosts a “Last Chance Qualifier” tournament which is open to those who did not receive an invitation.  The qualifier will add an additional 8 players to each age group.  Factoring in those who receive invites but are unable to attend, we anticipate the field of juniors to  be between 100 and 120 players.  Swiss rounds will take place on Saturday, August 13, and the top cut rounds will follow on Sunday, August 14.

World Championship Competitor/Gym Leader Logan

With the format change just before Nationals, the Gym Leaders went into the competition relatively “blind” as to what to expect.  Now having seen the field and testing our decks out against the best, we can help prepare Logan for the event.  Logan is very is excited about the opportunity.

Here is what is at stake:  World Championship trophies, scholarships ranging from $1000 to $7500, automatic invitations and paid travel to the 2012 World Championships, card prizes that range from 36 booster packs up to 2 boxes of each new set of cards released over the next year and lots of World Championship commemorative items.  While we don’t know the details, there is also the opportunity for finalists to have their decks reprinted and sold as World Championship decks at major retailers (Wal-Mart, Target, Toy-r-Us, etc.).

Logan's room at Nationals

Logan finished as the #1 ranked junior in Virginia.  He is ranked #25 in the United States, #29 in North America and #39 in the World.  Win or lose, the tournament will surely be a unforgetable experience for Logan.  At this level, anything can happen.  While we know it is a bit of a longshot, we love Logan’s chances.  Stay tuned!


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