Congratulations Angela!

Today at the Fincastle Pokemon Gym, a full cast of Gym Leaders was on hand to field challenges…. and they did just that.  A total of 7 challenges were completed on the day.  Gym Leader Austin defended 2 challenges for the fire badge successfully.  Gym Leader Logan was triumphant is defenses of the darkness badge and the water badge.  Gym Leader Marthe won her battle in an attempt on the electric badge.  Gym Leader Joel had his hands full, as he battled in defense of the steel and the fighting badges.

Gym Leader Joel first took on Ethan W. in a challenge for the steel type badge.  Speed was the name of the game in this best 2 of 3 match.  Joel’s deck set up quickly in game 1 and was able to knock out Ethan’s pokemon just before they were able to be fully set up.  If game one seemed quick, game 2 was but a flash.  Ethan set up amazingly fast and was able to win less than 3 minutes into the game.  Game 3 was another quick set up game for both players.  Ethan had what would’ve been the game deciding knockout had it not been for a special metal energy on the gym leader’s Scizor.  The knockout was avoided by 10 damage.  The following turn, Gym Leader Joel got the last knockout of the game and won the match by the narrowest of margins.  Great job to Ethan for an excellent match.

In the last challenge of the day, Angela Y. took on Gym Leader Joel and his undefeated Fighting deck.  It was the last time that he would be able to call it so.  In what was an all-or-nothing match for both players, Angela took game 1 with relative ease as Joel was not able to set up his 1st attacker.  Game 2 was a complete reversal as the gym leader achieved the perfect set up while Angela’s deck stalled.  In game 3, neither player seemed to have great starts, but Angela was able to make the most of what she had and defeat the gym leader, earning the fighting badge.  The victory nets Angela the 1st fighting badge ever earned at the Gym and her 2nd badge overall.  As Angela and family seemed to grasp the ins and outs of the pokemon metagame and create some excellent “rogue” decks of their own, we are sure they will continue to rack up the badges at the Gym.  Excellent job, Angela!

“I should’ve had a V-8….”

The Gym Leader’s Golem deck shall now enter its retirement.  Since Spring Battle Roads of 2010, it has been Joel’s staple deck.  It saw him to a 4-5 record at the 2010 National Championships and has made top cut final matches in 2 Battle Roads Tournaments.  The Rogue of all rogue decks has consistently surprised the top decks everywhere he has taken it and has always been a conversation piece at major tournaments.  The format change has ended Golem’s run for now.  The Golem deck retires with a record of 13-1 in challenges at the Gym.  As his favorite pokemon, Gym Leader Joel holds out hope for a Golem Prime or Golem EX in future sets.  We shall see.  There’s always Unlimited format…..

With the days challenges, the Fincastle Gym Leaders cracked the 100 win plateau.  The overall Gym Leader record is now 101 wins and 15 losses.  What a great day at the league and a great warm-up to the Gym tournament next weekend.  We are very excited to see the competition square off.  The overall level of play at the Gym right now is so far beyond where it was 6 months ago, this tournament should be one for the books.

I’ll Be Back!!!!!


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