July 31st Tournament Results

Wow… what a day at the Fincastle Pokemon Gym!  Today’s tournament was the last gym tournament of the 2010-2011 league cycle and was the last tournament in which the Gym will play the Majestic Dawn and Newer format.

Fincastle Tourney Round 1

Attendance for the event was the largest we’ve ever had at the Gym.  We had 17 juniors, 2 seniors and 6 masters for a total of 25 players.  Juniors played 5 rounds, while the seniors and masters combined to play 3 rounds.  Here’s the breakdown by division.

The Junior Division fielded 17 players, a turnout that rivals most Battle Roads events.  The 5 rounds of swiss play saw some very close matches and  several surprises along the way.  The outcome was decided in round 4, as the only 2 undefeated players, Tracy R. and Ethan W. squared off.  Tracy took the game and ran the tables, finishing as the only 5-0 player on the day.

Juniors: 4th, 2nd, 3rd and 1st places (left to right)

Tournament software broke a tie between Ethan and Tessa Y., both with 4-1 records, by virtue of their opponents’ win %.  Ethan finished in 2nd place and  Tessa claimed 3rd.  The tournament software had its hands full determining the 4th place player.  7 competitors finished with a record of 3-2.  When the smoke cleared, Hunter H. took 4th place.  Great job to all the juniors for battling it out in a very tough group.

Seniors: 2nd and 1st places (left to right)

Seniors and Masters combined and played 3 rounds.  The Senior Division was decided in a battle of giants…. literally.  Caleb Y. and Brycen F. traded blows as their “tank” decks squared off.  Caleb took the game and the Senior Division finishing 2-1.   The Masters Division saw Mike R. follow his sister Tracy’s lead and run through the field, finishing 3-0.  2nd and 3rd place again went to the computers, which placed Angela Y (2-1) in 2nd place and Jeff R (2-1) in 3rd by virtue of tie breaker #2 in the software (opponents’ opponents’ win %).  Brittany C. took home 4th place after some very close losses to the players listed above.

Masters: 3rd, 1st, 2nd and 4th places (left to right)

The Gym Leaders are thrilled with today’s turnout.  Thanks to all who attended.  While we expect solid play from a handful of our league trainers, the most exciting part for us was the vast improvement made by the rest.  The juniors played some excellent matches, many decided by a single prize card and several going to the “plus 3” turns before conclusion.  We would have loved to include top cut rounds in the junior division, but that would’ve pushed the end of the tournament well past 9pm which might have been too much for many of our participants.

A special thanks to Logan and Georgia for providing the majority of the prizes for today’s tournament.  They’ve battled it out across the country with some of the nation’s best players and “brought home the bacon.”  We could not do what we do at the Gym without them.

League play is at the regular time next Sunday.  Final standings for today’s event will be posted on the bulletin board for those who did not get to see where they finished.  See you at the Gym!


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