Oshawott Season Materials Arrive at the Gym!

The final season of the 2010-11 league cycle is here.  The 3rd starter cycle, the Oshawott Season, runs from July 25th through August 29th.  Promo materials arrived this week and they contain one of (if not the best) cards offered through league play.  That card being Double Colorless Energy (more on that in just a moment).  The other promo card is, of course, Oshawott (BW#27)  and as in the other seasons, an Oshawott patch is available upon completion of the season card. 

In the Gym’s relatively short existence, we have seen quite a few different promo cards.  As far as competitive tournament play is concerned, only a handful of the promos we’ve had so far have seen a vast amount of play.  Up until now, we would lean towards Broken Time Space (given to us too late to see much use) or Spiritomb and Expert Belt, both from the Arceus expansion, as the best cards to date.  With the rotation, all of those cards are no longer legal for play in the Modified Format.  Even including those cards in the comparison, we feel that Double Colorless Energy (DCE) is still the best card to date.  Look through your binder, especially at your Stage 2 pokemon, and count how many of them require a ** energy in their attack cost.  The list is very long, so we will not even try to name them all (how about Machamp, Tyranitar, Mamoswine, Metagross, Emboar, Samurott and Blastoise to name a few).  Then look at some of the powerful basics and Stage 1’s, like Reshiram, Zekrom, Lucario, Zoroark, etc., all of whom can attack right away when a DCE is attached.  See our point?  The inclusion of 4 DCE in most decks (not all) increases the speed you can attack tremendously and sometimes aids in attacks requiring energy to be discarded (like Emboar BW#19 Flare Blitz150 damage and discard all fire energy attached).  As should be obvious at this point, it is a very versatile card and a great addition to our league supplies.

All those who attended the tournament last Sunday will receive credit for games played.  The Juniors played 5 rounds and while the Seniors and Masters only played 3, we know that they played several pick up games while the tournament concluded.  Rather than try to sort all of that out, we will give everyone who was present credit for 5 games played.  That’s a pretty good start on the season and if the last few years are a sign of things to come, everyone will have a few extra week to earn promos after the Oshawott season ends on August 29th.  There are usually 2-3 weeks of “dead time” before the first season of the 2011-12 cycle begins.

Thanks again to everyone who attended Sunday’s tournament.  Come on by this Sunday and start filling up this season’s card so you can earn all of the new promos and Gym Leader challenges.  See you at the Gym!


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