Gym Leader Logan Preparing Furiously for Worlds

The Pokemon World Championships are almost here and the Fincastle Gym Leaders have been holed up inside all week helping Logan test for the event.  Consistency, we feel, is one of the strongest traits for any deck in major events.  We have been making several small “tweaks” to his deck in an attempt to maximize its level of consistency.  With his deck ready, all there is left for Logan to do is pack up, get on the plane and go give it his best shot.  We know, especially in this “coin flip format”, that luck will play a major factor in determining the champ.  As we’ve said before, we like Logan’s chances.  He has the “big game” experience having already won a state and regional championship this year, but so do most of his competitors.  It should be a very interesting weekend.

It looks like may have live/relatively live updates on their website.  Their World Championship page appears to be set up to post round-by-round updates of match records and Sunday’s final 16 brackets.  They have also posted the schedule of events for the weekend.  With open league play, side tournaments and Sunday’s Emerging Powers pre-release, at least Gym Leader Joel will have something to occupy his time so he does not have to pace on the sidelines waiting to see how Logan does each round.  The following is the World Championship page:

Being that only the two of us will be attending, our luggage carrying abilities will be limited.  So we will not have our laptop to post on while we are there.  We will try to relay as much info as possible to Gym Leader Marthe so that she can post updates from home.  We will have full details and photos posted as soon as we return.

The Fincastle Pokemon Gym will have its meeting as usual this Sunday.  Come by the Gym and keep racking up the games and earn those DCE’s while they last.  Gym Leader Marthe will have the laptop set up so everyone can keep track of what’s going on in San Diego.  Have fun at the Gym and wish Logan luck!


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