Emerging Powers Pre-Release Sunday 8/28!

Roanoke will host its first ever Pokemon Pre-Release Tournament this Sunday, 8/28/11.  The 2nd Black & White set, Emerging Powers, is set to be released for sale on 8/31/2011.  The tournament offers an opportunity to get your hands on the cards before the official sale date.  It is also a great way to grow your collection and resources for deck building in one day.  The event will be held at the Cosmic Castle (directions/details at bottom).

Registration is from 12pm to 1pm.  Entry for the tournament is $25 per person (cash only).  If you bring a player that has never attended a pre-release before, both players receive additional packs (2, we think).  10 packs for $25 is an amazing price per pack considering that most major retailers price single booster packs around $4 a piece.  In addition to the packs, everyone is eligible for door prizes that include additional packs and theme decks from the new set.  If attendance tops 30 players, the grand door prize will be an additional 10 booster packs from the new set!  Almost everyone from the Gym should come home with at least 100 brand new cards.  ***Fincastle Gym Members:  Make sure you pair up with someone from the Gym before you register so you both will get the extra packs!!!***

Here’s a quick rundown on how the event works.  You get 6 packs at the beginning and open them.  From those packs, you match up whatever you get into a 40 card deck, including the energy cards you need for the deck.  Jeff Reynolds, the tournament organizer, provides energy cards that you borrow for the tournament and then return when it is over  You keep everything from your packs.  Once the event is complete, you receive your remaining 2 packs and any bonus packs that you earn for bringing a new player.  Everyone also receives a deck box and a specially printed promo card that you can only get at pre-releases.  The only restrictions on play are that you play 4 prize card games and you may not trade cards when building your deck.

The Cosmic Castle is the same store that hosted our Spring Battle Roads tournament but they have moved to a new location.  Their new store is located at 3224 Brambleton Avenue SW, Roanoke, VA 24018.  The simplest route is from I-581/US 220, take the 419 N (Franklin/Electric Road) exit by Tanglewood Mall.  Go about 2.3 miles on 419 (staying in the right lane).  Turn right on Brambleton Ave on go about 1 mile.  The new store is on the right just past Brambleton Imports.  It looks like there is very little parking (about 6 spots in front) but there is a lot of parking around on the side and behind the building.

Another couple of good tips:

  • DON’T plan to bring trading materials or binders of your collection – it’s just too busy to try to squeeze that in.
  • DO bring damage counters if you have them and an extra deck box, ziplock bag or rubberbands to keep the deck you build separate from your extra cards.
  • DON’T forget to eat lunch before you come or pack something to snack on in between rounds.  There will not be a lunch break.
  • DO consider extra spending money – this event is at a store and they will have additional cards, dice, deck boxes, etc available for sale.  There will also be an opportunity to sign up for a “Booster Draft” – to get more Emerging Powers cards.  We’ll have more details at the event.

These tournaments are always a lot of fun.  Everyone gets about the same amount of stuff and there are no extra prizes for winning.  They are just a great chance to get the new set and have fun playing.  We hope everyone from the Gym that can come will make it.  If you want to attend but cannot get there, email us and we will try to help out with rides.  See you at the Castle!


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