Pre-Release Space Will Be Limited!

The Fincastle Gym Leaders have just returned from the Winston-Salem Pre-Release.  We had a great time playing with the new set.  The Emerging Powers release series has seen attendance like never before, according to the organizers.  While it is always difficult to pin down why or predict, league growth throughout the region, the advent of the Trading Card Game Online and recent press coverage of Nationals and Worlds all are surely contributing to the increase in interest.  Now for the “however”.  However, attendance at the Carolina events has been so high that they are running out of materials.

Today at Winston-Salem, attendance was capped at 53 players.  The planned booster draft after the main event was cancelled to conserve packs for our event on Sunday.  As it stands now, it looks like our event will be capped at about 25 players.  It is also doubtful that there will be a booster draft available after the main event.  The Gym Leaders will be at the Cosmic Castle, but do not plan to enter unless there is space remaining at the end of registration.  We want all of you to get to play and get the experience.  The event is first come, first serve, so if you want to play you should try to be there when registration begins at noon. 

In the event that the event fills up before you arrive, bring a deck or 2 and play in the league at the Castle.  Gym Leaders Joel and Logan will be there to play and may have a few Emerging Powers goodies for those who don’t get to play in the pre-release.  We also will be available to help anyone who does get in build their pre-release deck.  Deck building in limited events like pre-releases can be tricky, so we’ll be glad to offer a little insight to anyone who would like it. 

It is exciting to see the game growing!  If our demand exceeds tournament organizer supply, that should bode well for any future events in Roanoke.  They like to return to the areas with the most interest.  Don’t forget that Noble Victories, the 3rd B&W set is coming in October and we definitely want a pre-release for that set as well.  Come on by and we’ll have fun either way!  See you at the Cosmic Castle!


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