Congratulations Pre-Release Winners!

Its official, Roanoke now has its first pokemon pre-release under its belt.  While we know it was disappointing that the event had to cap its attendance at 25, it is a good thing that interest in the game is so high that the tournament organizers ran out of product.  Pre-releases are definitely a different “animal” than the premier events such as Battle Roads, Cities, States, etc.  While purely for fun (and an inexpensive way to get a lot of cards at once), they do give players a different way to test their skills as deck builders and as players, often having to play and win with very simple and underpowered decks.

Junior Champ Jordan

In Sundays’s event, Juniors played 5 rounds, while Seniors and Masters each played 3 rounds.  For the first time in a pre-release that we’ve attended, the winners of all 3 age groups finished the day undefeated.  Chris R. and his team of “genies” cruised through the Master division with a record of 3-0.  Austin W., one of the only pre-release veterans in

Senior Champ Austin

the field, dominated the Senior division with his trio of legendary pokemon (aka “the 3 Musketeers”), going 3-0.   Going undefeated through 5 rounds in the large Junior division was much taller task.  Jordan L. and his fighting types were up to the challenge, as he won the division with a flawless record.  Along the way in all age groups, we saw some very close, exciting matches that demonstrated excellent play on both sides of the table.

We hope all who attended had a good time and took home some cool new cards for their collections.  Now it is time to examine what you got and start testing it in your decks.  Autumn Battle Roads are approaching (beginning in October) and will be your first chance to battle for premier points in the 2011-12 tournament cycle.  Join us at the Gym for league play and start testing now.  See you at the Gym!  More photos of the event:

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