Rotation Begins Sunday at the Gym.

Play!Pokemon conducted its first ever mid-season card set rotation for the Modified Format this past July.  It was an attempt to even out the balance of the new Black & White rules and cards from early sets that allowed players to take unfair advantages with those changes.  However, the Fincastle Pokemon Gym did not observe the rotation at the time, largely owing to the fact that Play!Pokemon had just supplied our league with promo cards that they were rotating out of use.  We wanted everyone to have a chance to play with those cards, even of only for a limited time.  Now with the completion of the World Championships, the 2010-11 season is also drawn to a close.  It is now time for the Gym to catch up.

Beginning this Sunday, 9/4/11, the Gym will observe the Heartgold Soulsilver-on format.  The rotation eliminates the following sets: Majestic Dawn, Legends Awakened, Stormfront, Platinum, Rising Rivals, Supreme Victors and Arceus.  Does this mean you can not play at the Gym if most of your cards are from these sets?  Of course not.  At the Gym, we want you to come play with whatever you have.  We always have “loaner” decks from the current format available as well.

There are only 2 areas at the Gym where we will enforce the rotation.  Those areas are Gym Leader Challenges and Gym Tournaments.  The Gym Leaders have been working over the last few months on rotating all of our Gym decks to the current format and finally have got them all up to date.  Our local Gym tournaments will give our trainers a chance to play-test their best decks for upcoming Premier events.  We hope that the combination of challenges and tournaments will help anyone who wants to compete in larger events refine their decks and skills against decks like ones you may see in these events.

We do encourage all trainers that can to rotate all of the older cards out of your decks, even if it means cutting down your collection to only 1 or 2 decks.  It took the Gym Leaders several months (a Battle Roads and Nationals) to adjust to the newer format.  There are several local Premier tournaments coming in October and the Gym will probably try to squeeze in a practice tournament in late September.  Current format decks will be required for all of these.  If you’ve learned to play recently with all new cards, then rotation may not even affect you or your collection.

Anyone with any questions about cards/decks, find a Gym Leader this Sunday and we will help you sort through them.  We also recommend looking through the “Book of Decks” when you have a chance.  Even if you don’t make a specific deck, the lists in the book offer good “skeleton” lists as to trainer/supporter card, energy and pokemon counts.  Lists of the current legal sets can be found under the “What You Need to Play” link at the top and will also be available at the Gym.


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