The New Season and Age Division Changes.

The 2010-11 tournament cycle and league season cycles are now both complete.  Officially, the 2011-12 season cycle does not pick back up until September 26th in league play, but the 2011-12 tournament cycle begins the 3rd weekend of September with the start of Autumn Battle Roads tournaments.  We will make a separate post later this week with details on those events (the ones closest to us are in October).  With each new tournament cycle comes a 1-year shift in the years that define each age group.  The Fincastle Pokemon Gym will see a very significant change in its make up with this year’s shift.

The breakdown of divisions for the 2011-2012 cycle are as follows:

Junior Division – born 2001 and later

Senior Division – born in 1997, 1998, 1999 or 2000

Master Division – born 1996 and earlier

Juniors - Back in force.

The Junior Division will remain the largest at the Gym.  While losing some very strong players to the Senior Division, it will still consist of some of our strongest players, including 2011 Worlds competitor, Logan H.  The Senior Division is a facing a major toss-up.  Up until now, most of our tournaments have ended up with 3 to 4 Seniors, usually ending in decisive battles among our own legendary trio, Austin W., Brycen F. and Caleb Y.  Well guys…. say hello to your competition.  Joining the Senior division this year at the Gym are the following trainers:

– Tyler D., Tessa Y., Clay R., Erik F., Hunter H., Anthony R., Sean M., Matthew B., Jacob W., as well as recent additions, Ellen F., Brian M. and Kelli B. (If we missed someone, apologies in advance).

Senior Stampede!

Wow… looking at that list makes the Gym Leaders want to turn to spectators just so that we can watch the amazing battles that are in our near future.  The Seniors from last year are very strong and with the addition of some of our best Juniors from last year to their ranks, this group of Seniors at the Gym may become one of the strongest in the state.

Now for the Masters.  Well, what can you say… once you’re a Master, you’re a Master.  It is definitely the most diverse group, with players ranging from 16 yrs old to those in the 40’s, 50’s and above.  From high school students to

What'd ya say? Speak up, we're Masters.... and Juniors.... SIT DOWN!

league/tournament organizers to parents of competitors, the Master Division is traditionally the largest at all major events.  Its members vary from the casual player to the greatest minds in the game.  We hope that any parents that either picked up a deck and played a little in July or any that play at league or at home now will consider entering some of the upcoming events.  Playing competitively will open your eyes to parts of the game you’ve never seen.  Improving your understanding of the game and level of play is the best way to help your kids that play get better.  If you enter a tournament and don’t win a game, we believe that it is still a better option than sitting on the sidelines for 3-5 hours while the events play out.

The Gym Leaders are very excited about the coming year.  As we’ve said before, the only thing that would make us happier than Logan and Georgia having success in major events would be to see Gym members performing well in all age groups.  Come by and practice with us.  Check back this week for info and dates on Battle Roads in our area.  See you at the Gym!


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