2011 Autumn Battle Roads in Our Area.

The first series in the 2011-12 Pokemon Premier Tournament series is here.  Autumn Battle Roads will be the first chance to test out your best decks during the new cycle.  Regardless of how you did during the last season, everyone is now on level ground, as all Premier ratings are reset for the new season.  You start with a rating of 1600 points and as you play in the events, your rating will rise and fall with each game played as you win and lose.  Autumn Battle Roads are a lower level event (K4 level), meaning the results will only affect your rating in small increments.  As the events progress to States, Regionals and Nationals, those values also increase.

We’ve compiled a list of events that are coming up over the next two months in Virginia and North Carolina that are drive-able from our area.  This in not every event, but ones we can get to in no more that about a 2-2 1/2 hour drive (events that you would not have to stay overnight to attend).  A full list of events and directions to each one can be viewed on pokemon.com using their tournament finder: https://www.pokemon.com/us/account/events/ .

-Saturday 9/17/11 – Winston-Salem, NC   Registration – 10am

-Sunday 9/18/11 – Cornelius, NC   Registration – Noon

-Sunday 9/18/11 – Morrisville, NC   Registration – Noon

-Saturday 10/1/11 – Charlottesville, VA   Registration – 11am

-Sunday 10/2/11 – Charlotte, NC   Registration – Noon

-Saturday 10/8/11 – Harrisonburg, VA   Registration – 11am

-Sunday 10/9/11 – Roanoke, VA   Registration – Noon

-Saturday 10/15/11 – Richmond, VA   Registration – 11am

Registration at all events opens at the times listed above and closes 1 hour later.  Tournaments get underway about 20-30 minutes after registration closes.  All Premier events are FREE to enter.  They require deck lists like the ones you’ve turned in at our tournaments.  All decks must comply with the Heartgold Soulsilver and newer format.  You can play with decks un-sleeved or with sleeves.  During deck checks, cards/sleeves are checked for condition and markings and can be rejected if deemed to be “marked”.  Our best advice is to keep a set of old sleeves to practice with and play at the league.  It is a good idea to switch to new sleeves before a tournament and bring the extras of those sleeves with you in case you have to change one at the deck check or during the tournament.

While the Gym Leaders would like to make all of these, we will probably only be able to get to 3 or 4 (and we’re not sure which ones yet).  If you are interested in travelling to any events outside of the Roanoke tournament, contact us by email or talk to us at league and we’ll see if we can combine some rides and get as many of you to the events that we can.

We are excited about the new cycle and ready to play.  See us at the Gym with any questions about cards and decks and we will be glad to help.  The deck list program we use is here:  http://pokegym.net/decklist/

Follow that link and select the “Blank Deck” link, everything else is pretty easy to use and self-explanatory.  See you at the Gym!


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