Congratulations Brycen!

This weekend was the first of several very busy weekends for pokemon players and the Fincastle Pokemon Gym.  On Saturday, several of the Fincastle Gym’s members traveled to Winston-Salem for the first Battle Roads of the 2011-2012 tournament cycle (more on that in a moment).  On Sunday, a full cast of gym leaders took on 7 challenges.  Gym Leader Austin successfully defended 2 attempts for the fire type badge.  Gym Leader Logan defeated a challenger for the water badge.  Gym Leader Joel had 2 very tough challenges.  Owen K took the opening game in a steel type challenge, but then fell in the last 2 games to the speed of the Gym Leader’s deck.  In an attempt on the fighting type badge, Zander L lost a closely contested first game.  He followed up the loss with a very swift game 2 victory, forcing another game 3 for Gym Leader Joel.  Unfortunately, Zander drew into a bad opening hand and lost the challenge.  While Joel’s day was filled with tough challengers, Gym Leader Marthe’s day was even tougher.

Marthe took on 2 challenges for the psychic badge.  After winning the first match in straight games, Marthe took on Brycen F.  To date, Brycen has been the toughest challenger at the Gym to not yet win a badge.  He has taken games in multiple challenges with all of the Gym Leaders and been turns away from badges several times.  Sunday, Brycen changed that and added his name to the list of victors.  Brycen jumped out to the early lead by taking game 1.  Marthe battled back and evened the match at a game a piece.  The third and decisive match saw the Gym Leader “lost zone” several of Brycen’s pokemon, but she could not get the 6 needed for victory before Brycen could spread enough damage to K.O. multiple pokemon at a time and take the match.  The victory was Brycen’s first at the Gym.  His decks and game play improve every week.  The Gym Leaders love tough battles and know that there are many more coming from Brycen.  Excellent job on the win!

Speaking of wins… did I mention the Winston-Salem Battle Roads?  The Gym took 6 of its best (5 to play, 1 to judge) to square off against some of Carolina’s best.  They returned with an overall record of 16-6, as everyone finished with a winning record.

In the Master Division, Gym Leader Joel and Angela Y battled through 5 rounds off swiss with their sights set on the top cut of 4.  Angela opened with 2 losses (including an unfortunate 1st round match-up with Gym Leader Joel), then rebounded to take 3 straight games.  With a record of 3-2, she finished in 13th place.  Gym Leader Joel finished the day at 4-1, 2nd place overall going into the top cut and squaring off with last year’s Regional Champion, Perry G.  Joel had game 1 (2 out of 3) in hand with only 2 prizes left until Perry turned to a stall tactic that would’ve eventually led to Joel “decking out”.  Joel scooped to conserve time (90 minutes total for all 3 games).  Despite the trainer lock employed by Perry, Joel cruised through game 2, forcing a game 3.  In game 3, Perry established the trainer lock on turn 2, making it virtually impossible for Joel to set up.  Perry took game 3.  As the #1 seed lost in his first match, Joel was bumped to 4th place on the day.  Joel earned 2 booster packs.

Tessa Y, a freshman in the Senior Division, faced the field as the Gym’s only competitor.  Seniors played 4 rounds with a top cut of 2.  Tessa blew her opponents away for several rounds until she squared off with Tracy R, in her first year of play in the Senior division  as well after being one of the best year in and year out in the Juniors.  Tessa opened with a bad hand and never had a chance to set up and lost the game.  She finished the day 3-1 and computer tie-breakers set her back to 4th place, barely missing the top cut.  Tessa earned 2 booster packs.

Victory Cup Cards

The Junior Division saw what we hope will become a trend in the Junior division.  Gym Leader Logan versus his younger counter part (and sister), Georgia.  Both Logan and Georgia cruised through the field (which played 4 rounds) until they squared off against each other.  Their game to determine 1st place and the runner-up was very close.  They traded prizes and stood tied with 2 prize cards left each before Logan was able to close out the match.  Logan earned the 1st place Victory Cup card and 4 booster packs.  Georgia won the 2nd place Victory Cup and 4 packs as well.  Both players also earned championship points in Play!Pokemon‘s new point system.  The system is an overhaul from last years rating system and details are just now coming out.  Joel and Tessa may have also earned points, but we’re not sure yet.  We don’t quite understand the system yet, but we will attempt to explain it once we figure it out.

Anyway, 1 weekend down, many more to come.  We hope that anyone at the Gym interested in attending upcoming Battle Roads will contact us either via email or at the Gym.  With a little notice, we can arrange rides to and from.  See you at the Gym!

Gym Badges Earned:

  • Austin W – Steel, Grass
  • Tyler D – Electric, Steel, Grass
  • Chris L – Electric, Fire
  • James H – Psychic, Steel
  • Tessa Y – Fire, Psychic, Grass
  • Angela Y – Electric, Fighting
  • Dustin  F – Psychic
  • Brycen F – Psychic

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