Location Change for Next 2 Sundays.

This Sunday 9/25/11 the Fincastle Pokemon Gym will meet at the Community Center in Fincastle.  The center is above the old Fincastle Rescue Squad building.  From US 220 N, turn right onto Main St (across from Leonardo’s Pizza).  Turn into the parking lot beside the Circuit Court House and either park there or continue slightly around to the left and park by Parks & Rec.  Walk across the small bridge/walkway into the center and join us for league play.

The following Sunday (10/2/11), we will not have the library either.  We are not sure if we will head to the church where we’ve played before or back to the Community Center.  As soon as we know, we will pass it along.  We apologize  for the shifting locations.  One day we would like to have Gym meetings at our own store, but for the time being we are at the mercy of the availability of other people’s spaces.

And don’t forget, 3 Sundays from now (10/9/11) is the Roanoke Autumn Battle Roads at the Cosmic Castle.  Come by league and get in as much practice as you can before it gets here.

As before, if you get lost trying to find us, call 537-0924 and we’ll talk you in.  See you at the Gym!


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