Congratulations Tessa…Again and Angela…Again!

Sunday at the Fincastle Pokemon Gym, Gym Leaders Joel and Marthe took on 2 challenges each.  Joel’s battles were defenses of the Steel and Grass type badges and he had his hands full as he faced off against some very tough fire decks.  First up was Noah B., who put up 2 valiant battles against the Steel deck.  The Gym Leader’s use of Pokemon Catcher, however, was enough to keep Noah off-balance and knock out his powerful pokemon before he could bring them up.  If either game of the match had gone much further, Noah would’ve been able turn the tide and win.  Great job, Noah!  Gym Leader Joel’s 2 challenge was from Jacob W.  As in the other challenge, the catchers allowed the Gym Leader to work around some of Jacob’s big hitters and keep a very slight advantage through both games.  The Gym Leader knows that he was lucky to escape this match as well with his badge intact.  Gym Leader Marthe’s day did not turn out as well, as she faced off with 2 of the Gym’s most accomplished trainers.

Gym Leader Marthe first battled Tessa Y., in a mirror match for the Electric/Lightning badge.  The pair of speed Zekrom decks made for a very interesting challenge, as the 1st and 3rd games lasted only minutes, while the 2nd game was a long back and forth battle.  Tessa took game 1  in a matter of minutes, as she powered up Zekrom quickly and “donked” the Gym Leader.  Game 2 saw both players set up and battle back and forth with the Gym Leader eventually prevailing.  In the deciding game 3, Gym Leader Marthe started with a Zekrom, making it nearly impossible for Tessa to get the first turn victory (emphasis on “nearly”).  Tessa played through her hand and was able to achieve the “Bolt Strike” with a Plus Power and take the game on her opening turn.  The win has elevated Tessa into a category of her own.  She is the only trainer at the Gym to win 4 badges.  She is halfway through her journey to win all 8 badges.  Her level of play has her poised to contend in the Senior division in all of the upcoming major tournaments.  The Senior division is a very tough group, but Tessa has a great chance of earning her place as one of their best.  The Gym Leaders love tough challenges at the Gym and they look forward to many more from Tessa.

As if it was not a tough enough day to start off with Tessa, Gym Leader Marthe ended the day with a challenge from Angela Y for the Psychic badge.  As in her first challenge, this match went to all 3 games.  Marthe jumped out to an early lead in game 1, but Angela was able to fight her way back to earn the victory. Game 2 followed suit, as Marthe was able to take the lead.  However, she was able to maintain it as Angela was unable to find energy when necessary.  Game 2 to Marthe.  Game 3 turned into a long back and forth match.  With 2 prizes left each, Angela was able to work her way through and take the final 2 and the match.  The win nets Angela her 3rd badge at the Gym.  She joins some elite company as well, being 1 of only 3 trainers to win 3 badges.  She and Tessa are the only parent-child pair to defeat a Gym Leader.  Excellent job to both gals!

Gym Badges Earned:

  • Austin W – Steel, Grass
  • Tyler D – Electric, Steel, Grass
  • Chris L – Electric, Fire
  • James H – Psychic, Steel
  • Tessa Y – Fire, Psychic, Grass, Electric
  • Angela Y – Electric, Fighting, Psychic
  • Dustin  F – Psychic
  • Brycen F – Psychic

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