Charlottesville Autumn Battle Roads Results

The Fincastle Pokemon Gym took its show on the road again, this time to Charlottesville.  The field of 45 players was a loaded one.  There were past Worlds qualifiers, Nationals finalists and State and Regional champions spread throughout the age groups.  Despite the stiff level of competition, the Fincastle Gym was able to bring home 3 Victory Cup cards and lots of booster packs by the end of the day.

Gym Leaders Joel and Marthe were joined by Angela in a very tough Master Division.  Both Marthe and Angela battled their way to 3-2 records through the 5 rounds of swiss.  Joel finished the swiss rounds at 4-1 and in 3rd place going into the top cut of 4.  He faced Shane W in the first 2 of 3 match and won the match in 2 very tightly contested games to enter the final match against Arron S.  Game 1, despite the huge type advantage held by Arron, came down to 1 prize card each.  Gym Leader Joel was set-up to end the game on his next turn, but “judged” Arron into the combination of cards he needed to pull off the knockout 1st and take game 1.  In game 2, Joel set up quickly and took 4 quick prize cards.  Arron was far enough down that he saw no way back into the game, so he “scooped” to preserve time for game 3.  Unfortunately for the Gym Leader the extra time was not a factor.  Arron chose to go 1st, Joel started with 1 pokemon that he could not “rare candy” into the stage 2 until his 2nd turn.  On Arron’s 2nd turn, he evolved to Yanmega and got the turn 2 knockout, game 3 and the match.  Gym Leader Joel took home 2nd place and the Silver Victory Cup card.

Tessa Y was the Gym’s only representative in the Senior division, which included the 2010-2011 Nationals finalist as well as a previous Worlds qualifier.  Tessa battled through the field, ending with a record of 2-2 and missing their top cut of 2.  Even though she lost some tough battles, experience against that kind of competition will hopefully pay off for her later.

The Junior Division had to pair up with Seniors and played 4 rounds of swiss.  The Gym entered its pair of dynamic siblings into the fray once again.  Georgia breezed through her first 2 games and then was paired up in round 3 to face senior, Jimmy M, last year’s Nationals finalist.  One might have anticipated a “slaughter”, but Georgia stood her ground, taking 4 prizes before losing the game.  Jimmy seems to be a very cool-headed player (as well as a very polite young man), but the Gym Leaders can’t help but wonder if he was sweating a little before the match against the 6-year-old was done.  Jimmy would go on to finish undefeated in the Senior division and win the top cut match as well.  With no top cut in the Junior division, Georgia would take her 2-1 record into round 4 to face off with the only undefeated junior on the day, Gym Leader Logan.  Logan, who cruised through his first 3 games, would face Georgia for the title in a single game match. 

Logan started slowly, which almost always spells doom against Georgia’s speedy deck.  He was able to recover and make a game out of it but was unable to stem the tide.  Georgia took the game and won her first Gold Victory Cup.  Logan brought home the Silver Victory Cup.  The sibling pair swept their 2nd Battle Roads of the year, now splitting the head-to-head match ups, as Logan came out on top in Winston-Salem.  The competition between the 2 will surely only intensify as the year progresses.  We look forward to the matches to come. 

The Jefferson Gym, host site of the Battle Roads, ran a side tournament while the top cut matches were being played out.  Gym Leader Marthe, Angela and Georgia all battled in the unsactioned, unlimited format event.  After 3 rounds, Angela Y found herself in the Top Cut playoff for 1st place.  Angela was unable to outlast William A., but still took home booster packs for the 2nd place performance.

Great job to everyone from the Gym for their performances.  It was a good day in every division.  The Gym Leaders are really looking forward to next weekend and the Harrisonburg and Roanoke Battle Roads.  It should get interesting.  See you at the Gym!


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