Harrisonburg and Roanoke Autumn Battle Roads Results

This weekend was the last in the Autumn Battle Roads series for most of the Fincastle Pokemon Gym members.  A handful from the Gym travelled to Harrisonburg on Saturday.  The junior division saw Gym Leader Logan face off with his sister, Georgia again in the last round.  Logan was able to “out-speed” Georgia and take the game.  Logan took home the 1st place Victory Cup and Georgia won the 2nd place cup.  The rest of the Gym in attendance tested out some different deck ideas with not-so-great results.  The best results of the group were Tessa Y in the senior division and Gym Leader Joel in the masters, both going 2-2 on the day and finishing in the middle of the pack.  Great job to Georgia and Logan for another 1-2 finish.  With Harrisonburg behind us, the Gym regrouped and turned its attention to Sunday in Roanoke.

Roanoke fielded a group of 32 players at the Cosmic Castle.  Seniors played three rounds with a top cut of 2, while both juniors and masters played 4 rounds with a top cut of 2 in each group.  This Battle Roads was the first for many of the Gym’s members and it proved to have some very tough competitors in every age group.

In the Junior Division, Gym Leader Logan and Georgia started down the path to another showdown by both going 3-0 through the opening rounds.  Hot on their heels were Owen K. and Noah B., who were both 2-1 after 3 rounds.  Round 4 paired Logan against Georgia.  Logan jumped out to an early lead and kept the pressure on, eventually defeating her to finish the swiss rounds at 4-0.  Owen and Noah both won their last round games to join Georgia with 3-1 records on the day.  As is usually the case at these events, computer tie breakers were left to decide who would join Logan in the top cut match and who would land in 3rd place and get the Bronze Victory Cup card.  By remaining undefeated until her last round match with Logan, Georgia’s Opponents Win % rating (the 1st tie-breaker) was the highest of the 3, so she advanced to the top cut match.  After comparing the 1st tie-breaker, Owen and Noah were still tied, so it had to go the 2nd breaker, Opponents’ Opponents’ Win %.  By virtue of a 61.4% to 54.69% advantage (both good numbers in any tournament), Owen claimed 3rd place, earning the Bronze Victory Cup and 2 booster packs.  Noah also earned 2 booster packs with his 4th place finish.  The top cut match between Logan and Georgia followed the path of their earlier matches this weekend.  Logan’s hard-hitting deck was too much for the speed of Georgia’s, as he cruised through the top cut match in straight games.

The victory on Sunday completed the sweep for the siblings.  Through 4 Battle Roads, Logan has claimed 3 1st place finishes and 1 2nd place.  Georgia has earned 1 1st place finish and 3 2nd place cups.  The pair hopes that they are tuned up for the up-coming Regional Championship.  Only time will tell.

The Senior Division was one of the 1st events for many of our trainers where the field went over 3 or 4 competitors and was our first to have a top cut.  It also was the 1st competition for many at the Gym who moved up from the Juniors to the Seniors.  In previous Gym tournament, Gym Leader Austin has been the man to beat.  He walked away Sunday retaining that title.  Austin went 3-0 through the swiss rounds and would have to wait for the smoke to clear to see who would join him in top cut.  In strong contention for the spot were Tessa Y., Kelli B., and Clay R., all with 2-1 records after 3 rounds.  By tie-breaker, Tessa claimed 2nd after the swiss rounds to earn a rematch with Austin.  Kelli earned the 3rd place Victory Cup and 2 packs while Clay took 4th and 2 packs as well.  The first match of top cut saw Tessa and Austin exchange knockouts in a very close game.  Austin pulled out the win and took game 1.  In game 2, Tessa was stuck with a lone pokemon for 3 turns which Austin was able to take out and seal the match.  The Gold Victory Cup was Austin’s 1st, as was the Silver Victory Cup for Tessa.  Both players received 4 booster packs.

The Master Division was a mix of players making their 1st entries into a premier event along with players who have been among the best at the State and Regional levels.  Despite some very close calls in both the 2nd and 3rd rounds, Gym Leader Joel made it through the opening 4 rounds with a 4-0 record. Four competitors finished the day with 3-1 records;  Alex T., Josh G., Chris M. and Chris R..  Alex joined Joel in the best of 3 top cut match while Josh would claim the Bronze Cup and Chris M. would take 4th place.  The top cut match was the most closely contested of the 3 age divisions.

Gym Leader Joel was able to struggle out of the “lock” employed by Alex and take game 1, but Alex established the lock early in game 2.  Joel was able to battle his way to taking 4 prize cards, but used all of his resources to do so.  Alex cleaned up the field and took game 2.  In game 3, Joel never let the lock get set up and was able to work his way through and take the match.  It was a long match, but was great fun to battle back and forth with such contrasting decks.

We hope all in attendance had a good time.  The Gym Leaders were negligent in bringing their own cameras to the tournament.  Hopefully the tournament organizer, Jeff Reynolds, will have some pics up on his website soon.  Check back at the following link from time to time, it may take a week or 2 as they have to recover from the last 3 weeks of traveling throughout North and South Carolina running events.  Here’s the link:




Thanks to the Cosmic Castle and to the Reynolds for hosting a great event.  The Gym will be back at the library next Sunday at its regular time.  Regionals is over a month away, so come by to take some time and relax and play for fun.  We’ll be glad to sit down with anyone who would like to look at their deck from this weekend and talk about how it did, it strengths and weaknesses and possible ways to improve them.  See you at the Gym.



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