Noble Victories Pre-Release 10/30/11

Roanoke will host it 2nd-ever Pokemon TCG Pre-Release on Sunday, 10/30/11 at the Cosmic Castle.  Noble Victories, the 3rd Black & White set, will consist of 101 cards and will introduce over 50 new characters.  The set will contain several exciting new full-art cards, including the 1st full-art Trainer card ever introduced into the TCG.  The Gym Leaders feel that a large number of cards from this set will immediately work their way into some of the best decks in the format at the moment, while several others will open up brand new strategies.  This set also introduces a brand new mechanic to the TCG, that being “Restored Pokemon”.  This mechanic will work much like the old Fossil Pokemon, by coming into play as a Trainer card and then evolving into powerful Stage 1 and Stage 2 characters.  As in the Emerging Powers set, every pack will also include an online code card that will unlock a “virtual” booster pack that can be used in the new Trading Card Game Online.

Registration for the event will begin at the Cosmic Castle at 12:00pm and close at 1:00pm.  Entry for the pre-release is $25, which includes 6 booster packs to build your 40 card deck and then an additional 2 packs at the end of the tournament.  Energy for the decks is provided by the organizer.  There also will be a special promo card and item (deck box?) for each entrant.  Anyone who brings a player that has never attended at pre-release before will earn additional packs for both players at the end of the event.  There will also be door prizes that will vary based on attendance.  If attendance exceeds 30 players, then there will be a theme deck in each age group, 9 booster packs in each age group and a grand prize of an additional 10 booster packs (all from Noble Victories).

Speaking of attendance…. this time Roanoke is the 2nd stop on the organizer’s circuit (we were the last stop on the Emerging Powers release).  There should be no issues with supply this time.  The fact that they ran out of packs last time because of record attendance across the Carolinas, while great for the state of the game, unfortunately left several would-be entrants out.  That will not happen this time, just make sure you show up before 1pm!  For those interested, there will be a side “booster draft” event after the main event.  Entry for the draft is $20 for 5 packs, from which you draft another 40 card deck, 1 card at a time (for more details, ask Gym Leaders Marthe and Logan).

Below are links for the Cosmic Castle and the Reynolds event page.  These events are cash-only, so come prepared.  The Gym Leaders are very excited about this event.  Any questions, email us or catch up with a leader at the Gym this Sunday.  See you at the Gym!


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