Book of Decks Showcase

The Fincastle Pokemon Gym Leaders are always brainstorming ways to keep introducing everyone at the Gym to new ideas and new decks.  Pokemon decks can cover quite a wide variety of purposes.  Starter decks are more of an instructional tool aimed at introducing new players to the game.  There are what we like to call league/fun decks, that often have some interesting and sometimes “off-the-wall” strategies.  While these decks are mostly for fun, they are often the origin of ideas that lead to competitive decks in premier events.  Finally, there are the tested competitive decks that are usually slight variations of decks that have already seen success at major competitions.  A few months ago, the Gym Leaders started putting together a book of deck lists that cover a few of each of these types of decks.  This book has been available to anyone who attends league play to view.  We are planning to expand on this tool for league members in the coming weeks.

Beginning on Sunday 11/6/11 (the next meeting after the Pre-Release), the Gym Leaders are going to offer the “Book of Decks Showcase”.  We will bring 2-3 decks from the book for league members to try out.  We are testing a few of the ideas at the moment and trying to work out any “kinks” in the strategies.  Each Sunday at league, these decks will be available.  Because we will only be able to offer a few decks at a time, we will ask that players sign out the deck.  Give it a few tries and then return it so that someone else can have a chance.  If a deck was showcased that you wanted to try out and you did not get a chance, let the Gym Leaders know so that we can bring it back on the next week.

For those of you that are still looking for the deck that “fits” you and your style of play, we hope that this may help you in your search.  Remember, our lists are built the way that we like to play.  They may not all make sense to you.  However, you may see a combo that you like and that you can adjust and make your own.  If you find a deck you really like, then use our trading time to try to track down the cards to build it.

All of these decks will be sleeved.  A few of the hard to find cards may be proxied, but we will be sure those copies are clear so that you can read what they do.  Since these decks come from our collections, we simply ask that you take care of the decks and return them when finished.  As long as all Gym members do that, we will try to offer different decks each week.  We hope that this league extra will be a fun way for you to explore the game a little further.  We hope to see as many of you as possible at this weekend’s Noble Victories Pre-Release.  See you this week at the Cosmic Castle and next week at the Gym!


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