Roanoke Noble Victories Pre-Release Pics and Results

No weakness? Hmmm.......

This Sunday was Roanoke’s 2nd-ever Pokemon Pre-Release.  The Noble Victories release gives players a multitude of new pokemon and trainer cards that will either strengthen existing decks or take center stage in some very interesting new decks.  There also is a card or 2 that may allow previously scrapped ideas to return to competitive play (Hello Steelix….. um, Wailord…., have you met Leavanny???)  Anyway, it is always exciting to get new cards and thanks to Roanoke being one of the first stops of the Pre-Release circuit, our players have the cards weeks before their sale date.  Theme decks from this set will not go on sale until November 2nd and booster packs will not be available until November 16th.  We hope that you all enjoy showing off your new cards to your friends over the next few weeks.  Now, on to Sunday’s results.The event at the Cosmic Castle had 26 participants with a fairly even mix of Juniors, Seniors and Masters.  Juniors and Masters played 4 rounds while Seniors played 3.  There were some very close games played and, as is always the case a these limited format events, the tournament tested everyone’s creativity and deck building skills.

Ethan W. dominated the Junior division.  He finished the day as the only undefeated junior at 4-0.  Zander L. (3-1) finished in 2nd place and Gym Leader Logan took 3rd (3-1).  Kelli B. followed suit in the Senior division, claiming 1st place as the only undefeated player at 3-0.  Brycen F. earned a 2nd place finish with his 2-1 record, while Tessa Y. (2-1) claimed 3rd place.  5 players finished with 3-1 records in the Master division.  After the tournament software worked its magic, it placed Cole B in 1st place, Gym Leader Joel in 2nd and Jake B in 3rd place.  Great job to all the winners and to everyone who participated.  While the competition is always tough, these events are aimed more at just having fun trying out the new cards.

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Just as a reminder to anyone who is considering entering the upcoming Regional Championships on November 12th-13th…. the cards from this release are NOT legal for tournament play yet.  The official release date is not until November 16, 2011.  The 1st tournament series that they may be used in will be the City Championship series (later this year or 1st of 2012).  If you are preparing for Regionals, make sure your deck is HGSS-to-Emerging Powers.  However, you are welcome to bring your new cards to league this Sunday and they are legal for everything at the Gym, including Gym Leader challenges.  See you at the Gym!


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