Regionals Practice Session This Sunday.

The first of 2 Regional Championship weekends for the 2011-2012 tournament cycle is now only a-week-and-a-half away.  Autumn Regionals will be held on November 12-13 in Doswell, VA (Richmond, near Kings Dominion).  There will be another set of Regionals in the spring sometime, but will likely be no closer than Atlanta, GA or Pennsylvania/New York.  Those locations and dates will be determined later.  The increase in the overall number of Regional tournaments over this cycle will hopefully give more players an opportunity to attend at least one.

This Sunday (November 6), the Fincastle Pokemon Gym will host a special practice session for Regionals beginning at 5:30pm.  We will have league play as usual at the Gym from 3:00-5:30pm.  Beginning at 5:30pm, we will play test and help you look at your deck builds.  All of the Gym Leaders will be available to help you individually.  When ready, we will help you test out your build.  We will also talk a little about some of the major decks in the format right now and ways to counter them.  There is no real time limit on the evening, so come by (or stay over) for as long or as little as you like.

The only thing that the Gym Leaders ask is that you only attend the extra session if you are definitely planning on attending Regionals on November 12.  We want to be able to focus as much time as possible on those making the trip so that, as a Gym, we can make a great showing at the event.

If you plan to attend the special session, email us at:

and let us know.  We will email you back with a few recommendations of things to bring with you.  If you are planning on attending Regionals but cannot make the session, let us know at the start of league play on Sunday so that we can spend time helping you during league.  Gym Leaders will be available for challenges, but those needing help preparing for the 12th will take precedence over challenges.  We’ll get right back into challenges the weekend after Regionals.

All Regional tournament info can be found at this link:

See you Sunday at the Gym!


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