“I Choose You” This Sunday at the Gym

The Fincastle Pokemon Gym Leaders know that this has been a very busy week for everyone and hope that you all had a great Thanksgiving.  We will have league at the normal time (3pm-530pm) this Sunday.  For any of you that want a little change of pace or may have some family in town, we will offer a few treats this week.  We will have an art station set up with some coloring pages and design-your-own card pages for anyone who is feeling creative.  We will also allow a few different formats at the Gym this week (this week only).  You may play the “I Choose You” format, which allows you, before set up, to search out your starting active pokemon and play it down.  After doing that, you continue to set up and play a regular game.  This is the format often used at the Professor Cup at Nationals each year.  Also available this week will be team battles.  In team battling, you match up with a partner and take on another team of two.  These rules are quite different and a bit much to explain here, so we will have rules printed at the team battle tables and Gym Leaders available to explain rules while you set up.  So, unless you ate so much turkey that you still cannot move by Sunday, come by and have some fun!  See you at the Gym!


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