2011 Autumn City Championships Are Here!

The Pokemon City Championship tournament series begins this weekend and will continue until early January 2012 in several locations in our area.  “Cities” are  mid-level events where the points and prizes available are about halfway between those at Battle Roads and those at Regionals.  This season’s Cities will award Championship Points for 1st-4th place in each age division guaranteed, anddown to 32nd place depending on attendance (“kickers” determine the extra points and places).  For example, if attendance in an age group reaches 32, then the first kicker applies, awarding points through 8th place.  64 people will trigger an additional kicker, stretching points down through 16th place in each age group.  It can extend even further (although, very unlikely) if attendance tops 128 in an age group.  Regardless of attendance, booster packs will go out to the top 4 in each age group (18 for 1st, 10 for 2nd and 4 for 3rd/4th places).  Top cut in each division will be limited to a maximum of 8 players.

Here’s a list of “Cities” that are within a reasonable distance from our area.  Full lists can be found on Pokemon.com and the Virginia and North Carolina Pokemon homepages.  All links can be found at the bottom of this page.

Virginia City Championships:

-December 3rd (Saturday) – Charlottesville – Cville’s Hobbies Games and Toys, Registration from 11am-1130am.

-December 11th (Sunday) – Roanoke – Cosmic Castle, Registration from 12pm-1pm.

-December 17th (Saturday) – Richmond – Collector’s Heaven, Registration from 10am-1030am.

-January 14th (Saturday) – Harrisonburg – Lost Shade Games and Hobbies, Registration from 10am-1030am.

North Carolina City Championships:

-December 4th (Sunday) – Cornelius – Parker, Banner, Kent and Wayne, Registration from 12pm-1pm.

-December 10th (Saturday) – Mocksville – Heroes Headquarters, Registration from 10am-11am.

-December 31st (Saturday) – Winston-Salem – Comfort Suites, Registration from 9am-10am.

All events are free to enter.  Format for these events is HGSS to Noble Victories, so now you can finally use the latest set.  As always anyone interested in attending that may be looking for a ride, contact us either through our league email or talk to us at league on any Sunday.  With the Roanoke event on 12/11, we will, of course, not be having league on that day.  Here are the links, see you at the Gym this Sunday!

Pokemon site : http://www.pokemon.com/us/trading-cards/

Virginia Pokemon : http://sites.google.com/site/virginiapokemon/

North Carolina : http://www.ncscpokemon.com/



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