Prizes for New Year’s Tournament at the Gym

This Monday, January 2nd, the Fincastle Pokemon Gym will ring in the New Year the way it should be done…. with a Pokemon tournament.  The tournament is a sanctioned event and will take place at the Fincastle Library.  Registration is from 12:30pm – 1:30pm and play will begin shortly after.  Our schools are closed on the 2nd, hopefully so are yours if you live outside of Botetourt so that you can join us.  If any of you got any cool new Pokemon stuff for Christmas, hopefully this will give you a chance to try it out.  Speaking of cool Pokemon stuff….. we have again stockpiled a nice little collection of promo items that should make for some nice prize support for Monday’s tournament.The tournament is Modified Format (HGSS and newer) and will be in the standard Swiss round style, meaning a set number of rounds (depending on attendance).  For those that have never attended a tournament, this means that you keep on playing whether you win or lose and places are determined by your record and your opponents’ record.  Prizes will be awarded to the top 4 in each age group  Here are the prizes for this Monday:

1st Place – 4 booster packs of Noble Victories, a binder, a deck box and the league poster of your choice (Juniors choose first).

2nd Place – 3 booster packs of Noble Victories, a deck box and a league poster.

3rd Place – 2 booster packs of Noble Victories, a deck box and a Pokeball beach ball.

4th Place – 2 booster packs of Noble Victories, a deck box and a plush Pokeball.

In addition to the prizes above, we will have lots of door prizes (hopefully enough so that everyone in attendance gets something).  Door prizes include deck boxes, posters, dice, National Championship t-shirts, binders, Pokeballs and more.

We have had lots of new players over the last month or two at league.  This level of tournament is the perfect opportunity for new players to get a taste of tournament play.  You may win a few games, you might win them all, you may not win any.  Regardless, we hope that you give it a try and have fun playing our favorite game.

We will have league at the normal time on Sunday, January 1st.  If you need any help with your deck, find a gym leader and we will help you.  If you are still building a deck, bring all of your cards so that we will have lots of choices.  We will also have our laptop there to help you print out deck lists for Monday if you have not done that before.  Come ring in the New Year with us Pokemon style!  See you at the Gym!


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