New Year Tournament Results

The Fincastle Pokemon Gym opened 2012 in exciting fashion, with its own tournament.  There were 27 players competing for the prizes (9 Juniors, 12 Seniors and 6 Masters).  Juniors played 3 rounds while Seniors and Masters played 4 rounds.  The day’s action saw some very tightly contested matches and some very high level play from our younger players.  Onto to the results.

In the Junior Division, it became evident very quickly that we were headed for a 3rd round showdown, as Ethan F and Noah B cruised through their opening rounds and stood as the only undefeated players.  Despite a slow start, Noah was able to recover and eventually defeat Ethan to win the Junior Division (placing Ethan 2nd).  Isaac B and Jayden E both recovered from opening round losses and won their next 2 games, finishing the day tied with 2-1 records.  Computer rankings gave the edge to Isaac, placing him 3rd and Jayden 4th.  Great job to all the juniors!

The Senior Division was definitely not for the faint of heart.  Our very tough group was joined by 2 of North Carolina’s best as they all squared off for 4 rounds.  The group brought a good mix of some of the best decks in the format at the moment and several of the matches would have been worthy of YouTube video posts (if this Gym Leader were a little more technically inclined, that is).  After 2 rounds, Caleb Y, Clay R and Erik F were 2-0, setting up a 3rd round battle between Caleb and Erik while sending Clay into a match against the eventual Master Division Champ (because of late sign ups that “jumbled” the division match-ups a bit).  Caleb set up quickly and won his game before Erik could get anything going.  Clay took the Master competitor to the wire but eventually lost the game.  Caleb took his 3-0 record into the last round against a group of 4 2-1 players.  Round 4 saw Clay defeat Erik while Caleb squared off against North Carolina’s Hunter H, who recovering from a 1st round lost, also stood at 2-1.  Also trying to battle her way back to the top was another Carolina player, Tracy R, who Clay defeated in round 2.  Tracy won her last game in convincing fashion while Hunter eventually triumphed in a long, even battle with Caleb.  When the smoke cleared, Clay, Caleb, Hunter and Tracy all finished 3-1.  Enter the tie-breakers.  With a resistance of 68.75%, Clay claimed 1st place.  The tie-break % for Caleb and Hunter was tied at 56.25%, but Hunter claimed 2nd place by virtue of his head-to-head win over Caleb.  Caleb claimed 3rd place while Tracy followed closely behind in 4th.  What a set of matches!  We don’t have time to go into detail on some of the very close losses by our own Hunter H, Kelli B and Tessa Y in the midst of these matches.  “Amazing” is probably the most accurate way to describe the day in the Senior Division.

The Master Division was joined by North Carolina tournament organizers/judges/competitors Jeff and Mike R, providing some tough competition for our players.  Of course, after making the trip, tournament software rewarded them by making them face each other in round 1.  Son emerged victorious over father as Mike won the opening match.  Angela Y defeated Troy B to set up what looked to be the decisive match-up for the Masters in round 2 between Mike and Angela.  The round 2 match was a well-played back and forth game, but Mike was unable to take all of his prizes before his deck was “devoured” away and Angela claimed the win.  While Angela had her hands full against Clay in round 3, Jeff and Troy engaged in a very close, back and forth game that eventually went in Jeff’s favor.  Round 4 saw Cody B (in his 1st week of competitive play) claim a quick victory while Jeff earned a long, close win over Angela, again sending the sorting to the computer a 3 players finished with 3-1 records.  Head-to head match-ups pretty much took care of the sorting, giving Angela 1st place, Mike 2nd and Jeff 3rd.  Cody stood a the lone 2-2 player, so he took home the 4th place prizes.  Great job to all the Masters!

Thanks to everyone for attending.  We also want to thank our own Logan and Georgia, who helped run this tournament.  Their involvement and success in competitive play provided the majority of the prizes for this event.  They, as always, are happy to share their prizes in the interest of growing the Gym and helping everyone improve their skills.  It seems to be working, as most of the decks and competitors in the this field are ones that would give any of our Gym Leaders a run for their money.  We hope that everyone had as much fun playing as we did watching some epic battles.

*** For those not present at the tournament, here’s a little announcement that you might have missed…… WE’RE GETTING OUR FIRST PRE-RELEASE IN FINCASTLE IN FEBRUARY!!!!!!!!  Sorry…. couldn’t contain myself.  More details coming soon.  See you at the Gym!



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