Next Destinies Pre-Release Comes To Fincastle Gym!

The Fincastle Pokemon Gym is very excited and pleased to announce that we are getting our first ever pre-release event in Fincastle on Sunday, February 5th at 12:00pm.  The next Black & White set, called Next Destinies, is scheduled to go on sale on February 8th, 2012.  Our event will be a chance to get the cards before their sale date. The event will be held at the Fincastle Community Center (directions at bottom) and will cost $25 to enter.  Registration is from 12pm-1pm. 

Once registration is closed, everyone receives 6 booster packs, from which you will build a 40 card deck (including energy which is provided by the organizers).  After playing a short but fun tournament with the constructed decks, everyone will receive 2 additional booster packs.  Everyone also gets a promo card and item (deck box?) while supplies last.  If you bring someone who has not attended a pre-release before, then you get additional packs for both you and the new player.  Needless to say, this is not only a great way to expand your collection, but is by far the most affordable way to purchase packs ($3.13 per pack, or $2.50 per pack if you bring someone who had never attended a release before…… not too bad compared to $4.50 or more per pack at most retailers).  There may be additional packs and theme decks available as door prizes, but we do not know details about that yet and it may be determined by attendance.  There also will be a booster draft tournament afterwards for anyone looking to get more stuff (details available on the day of the event).

The series includes over 100 Pokemon and more importantly, 6 different Pokemon-EX.  As in sets from before the Diamond & Pearl era, EX characters will have huge HP’s, powerful attacks and the set’s best artwork.  This will be offset to an extent by the penalty for an EX being knocked out…. 2 prize cards instead of 1 for your opponent, like the legend-half Pokemon from recent sets.  However, the EX characters are considered “Basic” Pokemon, so they benefit greatly from current cards like Eviolite, Pokemon Collector, Revive and many others, making them much easier to get into play than the legend-half guys.

Next Destinies will bring new versions of some older characters as well as many of the Black & White Unova Region Pokemon.  Many of these will bring attacks and abilities that will “plug-in” to many popular decks at the moment, making them much more efficient and powerful.  As always, new and creative decks will also surely spring out of this set as well.  This set also will include several new Stadium cards, which have, for the most part, been out of the format for over a year now.  Destinies will also include new special energy cards.  It looks to be a very exciting set for all Pokemon fans, whether you like to collect, play casually or play competitively.

Getting an event like this in Fincastle is huge for the Gym.  This could be one of the biggest chances for us to grow the game in our area.  We ask that any of you who are interested come out and give it a try.  We know (from our own experiences with a family of 4 that all play) that bringing everyone can be expensive.  If that is a concern, then we recommend sending one or two “representatives” from your household to play (maybe whoever wins the tournament at your home the night before……).  A great turnout here could lead to a Premier event coming to Fincastle.  Because you may draw rare cards that you want to play in the tournament, we also suggest that you bring sleeves (you only need 40 and their condition is not an issue at fun tournaments like this).

If you have any questions about the pre-release, talk to us this Sunday at league.  We will be traveling to Harrisonburg on Saturday  (1/14/12) for one of the last City Championships of the year.  If anyone would like to attend but needs help getting there, email us and we’ll be glad to help out with rides.  See you at the Gym!




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