Design the Fincastle Pokemon Gym Badge

The Fincastle Pokemon Gym is challenging all of our artists to put their skills to the test in our contest for the design of a new Gym Badge.  As the skills of our trainers increase, we are rapidly depleting our supply of Gym Leader badges.  So we’re setting out to design some new ones to reward trainers who successfully defeat our Gym Leader decks.  When completed, you will have a Pokemon collectible that can only be obtained at our Gym.

Oh, man!

Here’s what were looking for….. basically something really cool.  Is that a broad enough category?  We are open to all ideas. Think about images that feature a specific pokemon (one of the more popular or even legendary guys…. we probably won’t go with a Spoink or Sunkern design), a scene from one of the games (like a Stadium , Center, Gym or other site) , an image specific to our area (Virginia, Botetourt or Fincastle) or even a more traditional shield/crest/emblem design.  If you go with a “crest” design, here’s a hint about a favorite color schemes.  As Washington & Lee grads, we love their royal blue and white.  As a family, we also are big NY Jets fans, so a “Jets” green and white scheme would be well received.  Keep those things in mind, but don’t limit your creativity based on that either.

Add as much detail as you like, but remember that the final image will end up on a badge and small images on paper may not translate very well to a massive size reduction.  For reference, we are aiming for a badge size closer to the current season badges than the 2009 Energy Badges that we currently use for gym leader challenges.  One tip we’ve seen suggested by sites that manufacture pins and badges is to scan your image and then reduce to the size of the badge and see how it looks.  Don’t worry too much over that…. if we need to, we will simplify the design we choose to make it work… you guys just draw away and leave those details to us.  We hope that the final design will be one image to represent our gym but each badge will have one of the eight (soon to be nine with the introduction of Dragon-types) energy symbols on it somewhere.  For design purposes, its best to plan on the energy symbol being contained in a circle.  You may include an energy symbol in your picture if you wish, but we will likely scan one from the cards to fill the circle.

Contest Rules:

  1. Entries should be on a regular 8-1/2 x 11 sheet of white paper, designed in color.
  2. Entries must have a blank circle space featured within the design where the different energy symbols can be inserted.
  3. Entries need to say “Fincastle Pokemon Gym” somewhere on the badge.
  4. The winning entry will be reduced to approximated 1-1/2 inches, so draw large, clear designs.
  5. You may enter as often as you like.  Be sure to include your name on each entry.
  6. Submit entries at Pokemon League before April 1st to be considered for the contest.

The winner’s design will be featured on the new Gym Badges, which we hope to arrange by Fall 2012.  The winner will receive 10 booster packs of the most recent set out at the time (April 1st).  The winning designer will also receive a full framed set of the badges they helped create.  Any trainer that has already defeated a Gym Leader will receive one of the new badges for that type when we receive them.  We hope that this contest will add an enjoyable twist to what should be a very exciting Spring, with new sets on the way a big tournaments on the horizon.  The Gym Leaders hope that you guys are as excited about this idea as we are to see what you come up with.  Sharpen your pencils and warm up your Crayolas!  See you at the Gym!

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