Pre-Release Results and Records

The Next Destinies release at the Fincastle Pokemon Gym was part of a record-setting series across the Carolinas and western Virginia.  Overall attendance for the four events was a monster 277 players.  Attendance records were set at each location, including the Gym.  The Gym had 39 players at our event, besting our previous high of 26.  Lots of our trainers pulled some awesome cards and almost everyone was able to get some bonus packs. 

We were unable to get our hands on a results sheet for the day, so if these results are not correct, we apologize (my memory ain’t what it used to be).  The masters division saw Troy B and Chris R face off in the last round with Troy prevailing to take the 1st place finish.  Zander L and Gym Leader Logan took their undefeated records into the last round to decide the junior division.  Zander took the match and 1st place in the juniors.  The senior division is unfortunately where we get a little foggy in the memory department.  Austin W went into the final round with an undefeated record and we think he took the last round as well.  At any rate, these events are mainly for fun and to add to your collection.  Congratulations to all the winners.  The Gym leaders had a great time and we hope everyone else did too.  Congratulations to Ethan F also as he was the big winner on the day.  Ethan won the grand prize of 10 additional booster packs!

The new set officially became legal for the Modified Format this week, so everyone can now start working their new cards into decks and testing them out.  There are lots of chances to put them to the test soon as the State Championships are approaching.  The Gym will also host a warm-up event at the end of this month.  More details coming on that soon.  See you at


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