Fincastle Gym Tournament on 2/25/12

On Saturday, February 25th, 2012, the Fincastle Pokemon Gym will host a Sanctioned tournament at the Fincastle Library.  This event will be on one of the last weekends before State Championship tournaments begin in our area.  For those planning to compete in States, this will provide a great opportunity to test out some of the new Next Destinies set in your decks.  For those who can’t make any of the State events, the event will be a chance to have some fun and compete with some of the area’s best players.  As always, some cool prizes will be available as both rewards for the top finishers and as door prizes.

Tournament registration will be from 1:00pm – 2:00pm with play beginning shortly after.  Format for the event is the Modified Format, which currently is all cards from the Heartgold Soulsilver set through the most recent Next Destinies set.  Players must have a 60 card deck (no more, no less) and will be required to turn in a deck list to register.  We always suggest filling out a list prior to arriving, but blank deck sheets will be available at the Gym on the 25th.  The tournament is FREE to enter.  Anyone with any questions about deck building or wanting a little help putting a deck together should find a Gym Leader at league.  Just remember to bring as many of your cards as you can to league so that we will lots of options available for your deck.  There are multiple posts that you may find helpful on deck building under the “Tips and Strategy” heading at the top of the page as well.

Once we have a chance to sort through some things, we will post the prizes available for the tournament.  All we can say for sure at the moment is that booster packs will go to the winners and we’ll be sure to mix in whatever else we can get our hands on between now and then.

Here is a quick list of the upcoming State Championship tournaments in the surrounding area.  See you this Sunday at the Gym!

– March 10th – Virginia State Championship, Sandston, VA

– March 10th – North Carolina State Championship, Cornelius, NC

– March 17th – South Carolina State Championship, Rock Hill, SC

– March 24th – Maryland State Championship, TBA


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