Prizes for 2/25/12 Gym Tournament

This Saturday, the Fincastle Pokemon Gym will host a “pre-States” warm-up tournament at the library.  We have delayed posting the prizes because we were waiting on packs we won at City Championships to arrive in the mail.  They are finally here (whew!).  Without further ado, the prizes available for the event are as follows:

1st Place – 5 booster packs and a promo deck box

2nd Place – 4 booster packs

3rd Place – 3 booster packs

4th Place – 2 booster packs

We also will have several door prizes, including Next Destinies theme decks.  As stated in the previous post, registration is from 1:00pm – 2:00pm with play beginning shortly after.  Decklists are required at registration and the tournament is Modified Format.  As a side note, we will have league at the normal time and place on Sunday

Thanks to Gym Leaders Logan and Joel, whose successes at the recent City Championship tournament series provided the prize packs for Saturday’s tournament.  As always, they are glad to share their winnings.  All they ask in return is for everyone to keep playing, having fun and bringing friends and new players to the Gym to help keep growing the game in our area.  Good luck to everyone on Saturday and see you at the Gym!


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