State Warm-Up Tournament Results

What a busy week!  This post was delayed because…. well, this is the first chance we’ve had to sit down a write a post.  The Fincastle Pokemon Gym played host to a “warm-up” tournament on Saturday.  The event hopefully gave everyone a chance to try out some new ideas and cards from the most recent Next Destinies release.  The new “EX” cards definitely have potential, but high energy costs, big retreat costs and the 2-prize card penalty make them tricky to work into decks.  We had 24 players on Saturday, with Juniors and Seniors each playing 3 rounds while Masters played 4 rounds.  I would like to say we have some nice pictures of the event, but our cameraman’s GPS had not been updated lately and that wrong left turn was rather costly (actually, we just forgot our camera).  Carolina/Western Virginia organizer, Jeff Reynolds graciously donated a collection of plushes to sweeten our prize support for the event.  On to the results.Gym Leader Logan cruised to a 3-0 record to take the top spot in the junior division.  3 players, Georgia H, Nathan E and Noah B, all finished the day with 2-1 records.  Georgia’s 1st round loss to Logan left her with the highest resistance.  Georgia claimed 2nd, Nathan 3rd and Noah 4th.  The senior division mirrored the junior division, as North Carolina’s Tracy R ran the table as the day’s only undefeated player.  With 2-1 records, Brycen F took 2nd place, Clay R claimed 3rd place and Matthew B finished in 4th place.

The Master division saw Gym Leader Joel defeat Jeff in the last round (both players entering undefeated) to place Joel in 1st and Jeff in 2nd.  Mike R recovered from a very close opening round loss to the Gym Leader to finish 3-1 and in 3rd place.  Troy B (at 3-1 and less than .1% behind Mike in resistance) took home 4th place.  Great job to all of the players!

In addition to the door prizes added by Jeff & family, Gym Leader Marthe also made bookmarks from the 3 starter pokemon patches.  The combination of goodies made for some nice door prizes to go along with the tournament prizes.  Thanks again to the Reynolds and Marthe for the prizes.  Thanks are also owed to Susan for running the tournament software.  We couldn’t do what we do at the Gym without all of the help from you guys.

Anyone with a DS who is interested in playing the Pokemon video game should bring their game with them this Sunday.  We are looking into expanding the video game side of our league, but don’t have everything worked out yet.  Bring your DS this Sunday and we may try a few fun ideas out.  See you at the Gym!


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