The Gym’s First VG Tournament a Success!

The Gym Leaders at the Fincastle Pokemon Gym did not really have a plan entering Sunday’s meeting.  However, what we came away with was our first video game tournament and it was a lot of fun!  The lack of planning was mostly owed to not knowing who would show up with a DS.  We had 8 players, so we put together a bracket-style, double elimination tournament.  Our only wish was that the battles could have been shown on large screens (like at Nationals), because there were some awesome matches.

While several players drew some tough 1st round match-ups resulting in losses, Hunter H and Jennifer H cruised through their opening matches to an eventual showdown.  Hunter defeated Jennifer and then Logan H, who had battled back out of the 1-loss bracket.  Hunter (4-0) waited for the smoke to clear as Zander L eliminated Brycen F and then avenged an earlier defeat, eliminating Jennifer in a rematch from round 2.  Zander, who already had 1 loss, had his work cut out for him, needing to defeat Hunter twice to win the tournament.  Zander put the pressure on quickly and defeated Hunter in their 1st match-up.  Now with 1 loss each, the final battle began.  Hunter did not run through the opening rounds by chance, as he proved in the final match.  He turned away the challenge from  Zander in a long, well-played game by both players.  So, to wrap all of that up, the top 4 ended up like this:  1st – Hunter H  2nd – Zander L  3rd – Logan H  4th – Jennifer H.

Great job to everyone who played.  Our standing policy towards the video game has been to only allow play on the first Sunday of each month.  We have decided to allow video game play every Sunday from now on.  We will likely designate the tables at the back of the room (near the power outlets) for VG play.  The Gym Leaders still plan to focus on the TCG and helping improve those who wish to become competitive in their age divisions.  However, with a little help, we may be turning out top-level VG players before you know it!

The Gym leaders and several league members will be back this Sunday with a full report of how everyone did at the Virginia State Championship on Saturday.  We will meet at the normal place and time on Sunday.  Good luck to everyone and see you at the Gym!


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