Dark Explorers Pre-Release Comes to Fincastle April 28th!

The Fincastle Pokemon Gym will host its second pre-release on Saturday, April 28th.  The event will be held at the Fincastle Community Center located at
17 West Main St in Fincastle (the same place as before).  Dark Explorers introduces the 2nd set of the powerful, new Pokemon EX cards.  Registration for the event is from 1pm-2pm, with play beginning shortly after 2pm.  Entry for the tournament is $25.  As always, you get 6 packs to build a 40 cards deck with and an additional 2 packs at the end of the tournament.  Anyone that brings a new player also receives additional booster packs for both you and the new player (time to get some of your parents to play) at no additional cost.  Door prizes range from additional booster packs to theme decks, but greatly increase if attendance is over 30 players.

The new EX’s include Darkrai, Tornadus, Raikou, Entei, Groudon and Kyogre.  In addition to the new Pokemon EX, the set will contain a host of Darkness-type characters with Tool and Trainer cards that boost their speed, attacks and HP.  While most in the set are Unova Region Pokemon, there are also a few old favorites returning, like Venusaur, Blaziken, Empoleon and several Eevee evolutions. Other nice additions to the set are a reprint of “Rare Candy” and a new “Twist Mountain” Stadium.  The “Candy” reprint keeps that card legal for quite a while and the Stadium attempts to make the “Revived” or Fossil Pokemon more playable.  For those who play competitively and have suffered losses to the infamously annoying Durant decks, this set provides a counter made specifically for Durant.  Dark Explorers looks like it will add some great new cards into organized play.  It should open the “meta-game” back up to a wider variety of decks as we approach this summer’s National Championships and World Championships.

For those of you suffering Pokemon withdrawals, we will be back at the Gym on 4/22/12.  The pre-release on the next Saturday makes for a nice return from our holiday break.  Come see us on the 22nd and get ready for the pre-release on the 28th.  See you soon at the Gym!


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