Gym Leader Logan Surprises VGC Field at Wisconsin Regionals!

The Fincastle Gym Leaders took advantage of some fortunate scheduling over spring break.  While visiting family in Wisconsin, the Gym Leaders discovered that there was a Spring Regional TCG and VCG Championship being held in Madison on the same week.  With the card game event taking place on Saturday and the video game tourney on Sunday, the Gym would have an opportunity to compete in both.  After spending a relaxing week with relatives, we headed over to Madison to enter into the fray.  It most definitely proved to be a weekend of surprises.

During pre-registration on Friday, a quick look around revealed lots of faces from last year’s National and World Championships.  Wisconsin is home to last year’s Masters Nationals Finalist (2010 Semi-Finalist and 2009 Champ) and the surrounding area also produced the 2011 Junior and Senior Division National Champions.  Even the event organizer is the 2006 World Championship Runner-Up.  Needless to say, we knew going in that this would be a very tough event.  There were over 300 competitors and the rounds broke down like this:  Juniors played 6 rounds with a top cut of 8, Seniors played 7 rounds with a top 16 and Masters played 8 rounds with a top cut of 32.

Gym Leader Logan began his day against “Durant” and got a horrible start to boot.  He could not recover quickly enough and lost his opening game.  He went into the lunch break 1-2, which barring a miracle was already out of the running for top cut.  Logan regrouped and won his final 3 games against some tough players.  He finished the rounds of swiss at 4-2.  The bad start killed his resistance when it came down to tie-breakers, which it did.  Two 4-2 players made the top 8 but Logan found himself on the outside looking in.  Gym Leader Joel also opened with a loss in a day where “who went first” would decide almost every game.  He battled to a 4-3 record entering the final round with a chance to win out and have a shot at the top 32.  However, Joel went 2nd again, fell behind quickly and could not recover (finished 4-4).  While Gym Leader Joel went “rogue” with his deck, Gym Leader Marthe really went rogue.  While her deck was perhaps a little slow for the format, the wins she put together left her opponents dazed, often still trying to figure out what happened.  It was a very tough day, but a fun day.  We would all return on Sunday for card game side events and the video game championship.

Logan and little siss, Georgia both entered the Video Game Championship.  While both enjoy the VG, neither consider themselves experts.  Most of their time playing is usually during long car rides.  In fact, the teams they assembled were put together in the card ride to Madison.  Juniors played 6 rounds with prizes going out to the top 4.  Georgia had a back-and-forth day, finishing 3-3 and in 14th place (not too bad for someone who spends most of her DS time playing “Cooking Mama”).  Gym Leader Logan pulled off the surprise of the weekend.

Logan opened with 2 wins followed by a loss.  With a record of 2-1, Logan went on to run the tables, winning his last 3 games.  When the final rankings went up, Victoria C was the lone undefeated player.  Logan and 2 others were 5-1, followed by a large pack of 4-2 players.  His resistance landed Logan in 4th place.  Logan took home a Regional Championship trophy, $300 travel allowance and automatic entry into this summer’s Video Game National Championship!  That was unexpected, to say the least!  Gym Leader Logan never ceases to amaze us and the Fincastle Gym is very proud of his latest accomplishment.  Way to go Logan!

Hear about all of the weekend this Sunday.  We’re back at our regular time at the library this Sunday (4/22), so come on down and play.  See you at the Gym!

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