Badge Design Contest Winner is Kelli!

The Fincastle Pokemon Gym is pleased to announce the winner of the contest to design a new Gym Leader badge for our league.  We had some great entries from several of our trainers and after some careful consideration, we chose the entry from Kelli B.  Our new badge will feature her drawing, energy symbols for each specific type (in the upper left circle) and a slightly modified text with the Gym’s name at the top.  For the energy types, we will include a Dragon-type when the badges are produced to prepare for the first new type to be introduced (this fall) since we started playing the game.  Kelli received 10 booster packs and will receive a full set of the badges when we get them.  The Gym is a little behind at the moment, but we hope to have the finished product available by the end of the summer, if not before then.  As we’ve said before, anyone who has already defeated a Gym Leader will receive the new badge for the type they defeated.  Thanks to all who entered.  Everyone keep earning those marks and sign up for the Gym Leader of your choice so that you can be one of the first to own one of these unique collectables.  Great job, Kelli!  See you all at the Gym!


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