2012 Spring Battle Roads in Our Area

The last series of Premier tournaments prior to the National Championships begins this weekend.  Spring Battle Roads will take place over the next several weeks throughout the surrounding area and will wrap up in Fincastle with our first Premier event held on the Gym’s home turf.  This series of tournaments gives competitive players their first chance to test out new cards from the Dark Explorers set in tournament play.  For those who have not played in a tournament before, it is an excellent time to try one out, as these events are much less intense than States/Regionals/Nationals.  With several opportunities to play, it is also a great time to test out and refine decks that you are still developing.  Championship points and prizes are available at all events.  Here are some dates and times.

– Saturday, 5/26 – Mocksville, NC   Registration – 10am

– Sunday, 5/27 – Cornelius, NC   Registration – Noon

– Monday, 5/28 – Winston-Salem, NC   Registration – 11am

– Saturday, 6/2 – Richmond, VA   Registration – 11am

– Saturday, 6/9 – Charlottesville, VA   Registration – 11am

– Sunday, 6/10 – Fincastle, VA   Registration – Noon

Registration for all events in open for 1 hour from the start time.  The event begins shortly after registration closes and will run various amounts of time depending on the attendance for that event.  The format for all events is the Modified Format (all cards HGSS to Dark Explorers).  You must either arrive with a decklist or fill one out that day to register.  All events are FREE to enter.

For details on the VA events, visit:


For details on the NC events, visit:


For tips about deck construction and preparing for tournaments, cruise through the “Tips and Strategy” posts in the tab at the top of the page.  We discuss everything from deck building to tournament strategies and what items you need with you on the day of the events.  If you need help with a deck, find a Gym Leader at league and ask for help.  We are also glad to talk to you via email about your deck (fincastlepokemon@gmail.com).

We will NOT have league this Sunday, May 27th, as the Gym Leaders will be on the road hitting the Battle Roads circuit.  We will be back at our regular time the following Sunday (June 3rd) and the Sunday after will be our own Battle Roads in Fincastle!  This should be a very exciting few weeks.  Everyone keep playing and practicing and we’ll see you at the Gym!


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