Gym Leader Logan Completes Sweep of NC Mini-Marathon

The Fincastle Gym Leaders hit North Carolina for its first Memorial Day weekend Spring Battle Roads mini-marathon.  The series consisted of Battle Roads tournaments on Saturday in Mocksville, Sunday in Cornelius and Monday in Winston-Salem.  While Gym Leaders Joel and Marthe and daughter Georgia had mixed results on the weekend, Gym Leader Logan pulled off the hat-trick, winning the Junior Division in all three tournaments.

On Saturday, Logan battled through 4 rounds of swiss in the Mocksville, NC event.  Along the way, Logan lost once to NC’s William T in a short match where Logan never set up.  From there, he defeated younger sister Georgia to secure a top cut rematch with William.  Logan took control of the best 2 of 3 match, soundly defeating his opponent and taking 1st place on the day.  On Sunday in Cornelius, NC, Logan switched decks and entered the fray.  Juniors again played 4 rounds with a top cut of 2.  In the rematch of the rematch, Logan opened with William T.  In this match, Logan went second with a lone Mewtwo and failed on a Dual Ball in the only turn he got to take in the game.  William sent out his own Mewtwo and ended the game on turn 2.  Logan recovered to take the rest of the day’s games to secure, of course, the rematch of the rematch of the rematch with William.  In the top cut match, Logan’s experience showed again as he cruised to another victory and his second 1st place finish in 2 days.  With two victories, under his belt, Logan switched to his 3rd different deck of the weekend and entered Monday’s tournament in Winston-Salem.  This time, the Junior Division was one player short of enough for a top cut, so the event would be decided in the 4 rounds of swiss.  Logan again battled through the rounds into a 4th round showdown with younger sister, Georgia, to declare the winner.  Georgia put up a strong fight but was unable to curb Logan’s momentum.  Logan defeated Georgia and claimed his third 1st Place finish.

Winning 3 consecutive tournaments would be impressive under any circumstances, but what impressed us the most was the fashion in which Logan did so.  Many players of all age groups often struggle to master one deck.  Logan played 3 different decks in 3 days and commanded each one as if it were the only one he knew.  The judges who officiated over his top cut matches all commented on how flawlessly Logan played.  Logan picked up 12 booster packs, the 3 Victory Medal cards and most importantly, 6 more championship points.  Logan remains in the hunt for his second World Championship invitation.  When Battle Roads are completed, we will have to see where he stands.

While the weekend belonged to Logan, “little sis'” battled her way into the thick of things, as well.  On Saturday, Georgia narrowly missed the top cut match, claiming 3rd place.  As stated, she battled her way to the final match against Logan on Monday, claiming 2nd place.  Georgia won 6 booster packs, a 2nd place and a 3rd place Victory Medal card.  She also picked up an additional championship point, putting her total over 20 (22?)…. not too shabby for a player who just turned 7 in a field dominated by 10 & 11 year olds.  The experience will hopefully prove as valuable for Georgia as it has for Logan.

Gym Leader Joel battled to the top tables each day just to face setbacks each time at the hands of past World Championship competitors and current contenders (Zach B, Kevin N and Mike R) in very tightly contested matches.  Monday’s tournament saw Gym Leader Marthe turn in her best result in competitive play, taking 10th place, tied in a group of 4-2 players who all missed a chance at top cut thanks to some “shenanigans” where a player reached a 5-1 record thanks to a friend “scooping” to give his buddy the win and the edge over the pack (boooo!).  At any rate, the weekend was great fun.  Come by the Gym and practice with us this weekend and get ready for our own event on 6/10.  See you at the Gym!


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