Fincastle Battle Roads Results

This Sunday, the Fincastle Pokemon Gym hosted its first Battle Roads tournament in the metropolis of Fincastle.  Despite several of our “regulars” and their families being out-of-town on vacations, we had a surprising turnout that included Masters players from Tennessee, Juniors from the Charlottesville area and 3 of the top Seniors from North Carolina.  The only unfortunate part of the day was TOM…. (Tournament Operations Manager, the software used to run organized events).  TOM was apparently in a bad mood for the day and had a few “snafu’s” that changed the outcome of the tournament.  What can you do…. there were still some very close and exciting games that were great fun to play and watch.

Round 1 opened with some great match-ups.  The most notable of the Round 1 games pitted Virginia’s #1 Junior, Logan H against Virginia’s #2 Junior, Jonathan C.  Jonathan took the first 4 prizes as Logan set up his field.  Once set, Jonathan could not get another knockout.  Logan came back and took 4 prizes in time to enter the 3 extra turns.  In the 3 turns, Logan took the last 2, completing the 6-0 prize sweep from 4 prizes down.  In the Masters, Gym Leader Joel played a similar match against one of the Tennessee players (Ryan?) that the Gym Leader took in extra turns.  With a fun competitive 1st round completed, everyone waited for the 2nd round match-ups.  Enter TOM….. TOM decided to throw its first tantrum of the day.  TOM crashed, loosing all of the Round 1 results.  Despite the best efforts of the organizer, the reboot would not allow the 1st round match-ups to be re-entered.  So, we played round 1 again…. with almost everyone facing different opponents this time.

The Masters division played out to the 3rd round where the 2 undefeated players, Gym Leader Joel and Lee L from NC faced off in what turned out to be a non-match.  Lee played a deck built specifically to counter what the Gym Leader chose to play that day.  Joel was powerless to do pretty much anything as Lee cruised through the game.  4 players stood at 2-1 with a chance to take on 3-0 Lee in the top cut match.  By virtue of a 2nd round bye and a 3rd round win (TOM…..), Jacob B wound up as Lee’s opponent.  Lee again cruised through the best 2 of 3 match in straight games to take 1st place.  Jacob claimed 2nd and Joel took 3rd by a narrow margin over Mike R in the opponents’ win % column.

The rebooted Junior division had enough to top cut, but because of late entries by 3 of the players (despite the restart), TOM played it out as if there were 7 players, which meant no top cut.  Jonathan C was tested along the way by Owen K but eventually played around to a 3rd round face off (again) with Logan.  This time, Logan was unable to play his way back, losing by the prize count (4-2) as time was called.  With no top cut, that settled things, placing Jonathan 1st, Owen K 2nd and Logan 3rd.  Congratulations to everyone, including Owen who has taken one of the top spots in the only 2 Battle Roads that he has ever played in.

The Senior division belonged to the Carolina kids.  Tristan L, William L and Tracy R, 3 of the top 4 in NC, showed why they hold those positions.  Top cut pitted William against Tristan.  William swept the top cut match, taking 1st place.  Tristan claimed 2nd and Tracy took home 3rd.

We can’t say that it was the smoothest event that we’ve ever been involved in, but it was a good time and the tournament saw some excellent matches.  Hopefully TOM will be a little kinder to the players next time.  Congratulations to all the winners.  See you this Sunday at the Gym!


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